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Stage 4 Lanzarote Bike Race: 80km

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

avatarReally nice course with some technical trails. I found myself alone in the wind a lot which cost me time, but my legs felt good and I'm happy. 1. Langvad 3:33:36 2. Morath 3:37:08 3. Bigham 3:37:40 It was fun to have such close racing with small time margins between the women. It made exciting racing :) I finished 2nd overall in the GC: 1. Langvad 8:31:39 2. Bigham 8:37:04 3. Morath 8:38:06

Moar climbing.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012


Ok, so my little gym post might have shocked some of you. Yes, I like to inspire and I’m normally a sweet girl…but I do have a crude, sarcastic, sometimes cruel side. I normally keep it to myself online, but there’s a glimpse. Plus, I thought it was pretty hilarious as did most of you, thanks! :) To those of you with your panties in a jumble, I was NOT criticizing the act of working out in a gym. I like working out at the gym. I was simply creating a satire on the meat market dynamic at the gym which is undeniably obvious to a fit woman working out at the gym. I was actually a gym person BEFORE I was a cyclist, believe it or not!

I didn’t climb as much as I did last week. I am still doing my gym workouts and had to throw in some sprints this week. Gosh! I haven’t done a sprint in….ever. I don’t think I’ve ever done a specific sprint workout till a week ago. Those are HARD!!!!! It’s so violent and evil! Mucho respect for the trackies.

I hit up my weekly suffer loop on Sunday which consists of going up Magnolia Road to Peak to Peak to Gold Hill and add more if the mood strikes. I’ve done it the last 3 weekends. Minimum, the route is 6200′ of elevation gain and it is hard every time!

Screen shot 2012-01-30 at 6.31.04 PM

Ride in photos:








It has been a very dry, mild winter… but at a price.  It has been extremely windy for about 2 weeks…. so add a headwind going up Magnolia and there are some groans.  I had to tell myself to shut up and stop complaining.  Complaining makes things so much worse.  As long as I’m not physically fatigued, I have been teaching myself to shut it down when I start complaining about conditions.  Honey badger mantra, “Don’t give a shit!”

I can’t believe I leave for Nepal in one month.  I have my training preparation set… now to start figuring out what I can take.  We are allowed 22 lbs of stuff in the race because a sherpa carries it!  I guess I’ll have to leave my curlers, hair products, and my Gucci platform boots home for this trip.

Week in review

Monday, January 30th, 2012

avatarWarmth of January 2012It was really warm early in the week. Temps near 65F! Not sure if this is ideal for the Yak-Attack in general, but I will take it!

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
Mid week, the vest unzipped doing intervals up to Estes Park and dodging the local wildlife.

The snow came....then went awayAn easy ride on the 'dams' on Friday after we got about 1/2 inch of snow in the AM....then it all melted away by 2 PM.

Oval Ride - Jan 28Tom Danielson showed up for the Oval Ride on Saturday. Us non-climbing types paid dearly! Ouch! I popped on Carter Lake. BOOM!

Climbing tempo ride in Boulder with CarsonSunday was a 4 hr tempo climbing day with recent IA to CO transplant, Carson Christen.

Climbing tempo ride in Boulder with CarsonQuick bottle refill at the natural spring just below Ward, CO....en route to putting in a 7k climbing day.

Climbing tempo ride in Boulder with CarsonFinished up the day in proper Boulder style: dirt roads, switchbacks, and steep.

Lanzarote 4 day stage race: Stage 3. 25km uphill time trial

Monday, January 30th, 2012

avatarStage 3 Lanzarote 4 day stage race: 25km uphill Time Trial. 1. Sally Bigham 1:06:05 2. Adelheid Morath 1:07:39 3. Annika Langvad 1:07:53 I like time trials; a head to head race for the women without the influence of the men :)

Tight Hips: 9 yoga poses to release the hips

Monday, January 30th, 2012


I posted this on my Elevation Outdoors blog, but I wanted to post it here too because it was a lot of work and I think is very informative!

Yoga, stretching – everywhere you go people are talking about it. Maybe you don’t want to pay the money and sweat little puddles next to your 40 closest best friends, but you would like to benefit from the stretching aspect of yoga.  There are many, many asanas(poses) in yoga with multiple intentions. My favorites are backbends and hip openers. As a professional ultra endurance mountain bike racer, I spend a lot of time pedaling a bike and am constantly looking for ways to take care of myself.

If you hike, ski, run, bike, walk, and/or sit at a desk, chances are that you have tight hip flexors. Hip flexors allow for forward movement and the ability to lift the leg up. They are made of three different muscles – psoas major, illiacus, and rectus femoris(part of the quads). At the end of the day, stretching is probably the last thing on your mind, but spending a few minutes in a couple of these poses will prevent injury and even boost your performance and make you feel more comfortable in your daily life.

In yoga, hip openers often coincide with emotional release. The hips stabilize us in our daily life and are said to store strong emotions of anxiety, sadness, depression, and being guarded. Whether the mind-body connection is apparent to you or not, you may be caught off guard with emotional release from time to time during and after several hip openers.

Some of the following asanas are restful and I don’t want to ever move out of the pose. Others are a little more intense, my breathing rate increases, I start to fidget, and all I want to do is move out of it.

It is absolutely okay to modify these poses. If you are too stubborn to modify, try to remember the reason of doing the pose to begin with: injury prevention and release. By brutally forcing yourself into one of these asanas when the body is not ready to go there, it can and will eventually lead to injury.  It is NOT a competition.

How long should you stay in a pose?  Some practices have you in the poses for minutes while others are just a few breaths.  To start, aim for a minimum of 7 full breaths.  Breathe in to a count of 3 and out to a count of 3.  Breathe through your nose and fill your lungs all the way to the bottom and exhale all the air out  through the nose at the same rate you inhaled.  Breathe into the areas of tension.  Conscious breaths will help the body release. Work up to staying in the poses for longer.  If you have a hard time sitting still, turn on some music you like or do it with a friend or spouse.

One of my favorite yoga instructors, Tunde Borrego, agreed to be my model for the poses.  I take her classes at CorePower and what shines about her classes is her bubbly energy, her happiness that brightens the room, and her ability to keep it fun.  Plus, she is a handstand master and is gorgeous!

Supta Badda Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle Pose)


Lay down on your mat or towel.  Grab your butt and pull it closer to your heels to flatten the sacrum. Push the soles of the feet together and arms out by the sides.  There’s a lot you can do with your hands if you don’t want them by your sides – put one hand on the heart and one of the belly; you can place the arms overhead and push my palms together(one of my favorites), or you can even put your hands on your inner and gently encourage them to externally rotate.  Your knees will be elevated off the ground and with each breath, the hips will start to release and the knees will get closer to the floor.  Do not push the knees toward the floor.  They are in the air because the groins are tight and forcing them down will not have a positive effect.  To get out of the pose, you can bring your legs together using your leg muscles and put your feet flat on the floor.  I like to use my hands to help bring my legs back together because the hip stretch is intense for me.

If the groins are so tight that this pose becomes too intense, yoga blocks can be placed under the knees. Folded blankets can also be used if yoga blocks are not available.

Modification with blocks:

(Eka Pada Utkatasana) Figure Four

This pose involves balance and is not as restful as some of the other hip openers, but it feels great and it’s fun.  Start from a standing position.  Bend both knees like you are sitting back into a chair (utkatasana).  Cross one of your ankles just above the opposite knee and flex the foot.  Look at a point on the floor in front of you for balance and keep your gaze there.  Your hands can be at the heart, or on the hips.  Keep the weight in the standing heel and keep the hips level as you slowly hinge further to about 90 degrees at the standing knee.  Shift the torso and chest forward.  The goal is to ease the elbows to rest on the fronts of the shin where your flexed foot can almost grab your tricep and your other elbow is in front of the patella.

Repeat with the other leg.


One of my favorite teachers suggests gently pushing the palm of the hand into the bottom of the foot for a better connection and the other hand on the knee. It feels great.



 Floor Figure Four or Eye of the Needle

If standing and trying to balance is too much, you can take it to the floor for a more restorative pose.  Trying to balance on one leg can make the soleus muscle in the lower calf burn after standing for awhile.

Lay down on the ground with soles of the feet on the floor.  Take the left ankle and rest it on top of the right knee.  Flex the left foot.  Bring the knees in towards the chest and lay flat on your back.  Thread your left arm through the gap between the legs and bring the other hand to meet it.  Clasp hands behind the right hamstring.  If your hands cannot grab the leg without keeping the back flat, use a yoga strap, belt, or hand towel.   Lengthen the tail bone to keep a very slight curve in the low back to also stretch the spine.  Try to keep your upper spine and sacrum grounded. Breathe…

Release and do the other side.

This is a great alternative to half pigeon(next poset) if you have any sort of knee pain.

Half Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) 

For me, this one is the most intense.  It’s also a huge emotional release for me.  I’ve trembled and been confused why tears were rolling down my face a few times in this pose.

Start in downward facing dog.  Lift your right leg off the ground, bend the knee and start bringing it foward toward your the back of your right wrist.  When you can’t bring it any further forward, set the leg down.  The right knee should be somewhere near the back of the right wrist.  Keep the right foot flexed to protect the knee -very important.  Slowly slide the left leg back and keep it straight.  You can keep the toes flexed or point them on the straight leg.  I prefer to keep my foot flexed.

Next puff up and sit tall to level the hips before descending down to the floor. Again, flex your foot to protect the knee. If there is any knee pain at all, modify and do floor figure four.  Start to reach the arms forward with palms on the floor and lower the torso.    Lower down as far as you can without pain.  The forearms is a good place to start.

As you breathe into your hips and the groins start to release, you can walk your hands out further so the arms are straight and eventually rest the head on the ground.  To come out, lift back up the way you came in, SLOWLY, and push back into down dog.

Do the other side.

There is only one way to describe this pose. INTENSE. There will be no doubt when you are in it.

Half Floor Frog

This is one of the more restful poses.  I never want to move once I’m in it!  Lay on your stomach.  Take your right arm and extend it so the right wrist is in line with the right hip.  Bend the right knee and bring it up to the height of the wrist.  Turn head to the right and extend right arm back to shoulder height.  Bend  at the right elbow if desired.

Switch and do the other side.


Standing Frog

From standing, squat down slowly as the knees point to opposite ends of the room.  Put hands in prayer position at the heart and squat down until your elbows connect with your inner knees.  For a more intense stretch, gently push elbows into knees.  Drop shoulders down the back and hollow out the armpits.

Crescent Lunge (Anjaneyasana)

This one gets into the legs a little more, but feels great in a different part of the hip than some of the other poses.   Start with hands on the hips from a standing position, feet hip width apart. Step the right foot forward and bend the front knee to 90 degrees.  Keep the left leg straight, but lift the heel off the floor so you’re on the ball of your foot.  Keep the hips square.  If they are not square, you may need to step your right leg out a little more.  Put a bend in the left knee and focus on pushing the left hip forward to the front of the room, tucking your tailbone.  Lift arms overhead, fingers bright, and drop the shoulders down the back.  Draw lower ribs in.  Breathe…  If this is too much for your legs, you may drop the back knee to the floor.  You may also go into low lunge by hinging the torso forward and resting the hands on the ground and chest just above the bent knee.

Switch and do the other side.


Notice she has her legs hip width apart.

Happy Baby (Ananda Balasana)

Lie down on your back.  Bend knees and bring them up towards your armpits.  The goal is to try to keep the sacrum and back flat on the floor.  The grip you choose will help.  Either grab your feet from the outside, grab from the inside (as pictured) or take your index and middle finger(peace fingers) and grab your big toes with wrists facing one another.   Pull down gently drawing the knees toward the floor for more stretch.  Grabbing the big toes with the peace fingers is the easiest for me.  You can gently sway side to side if that’s comfortable.

Cow Face

This one can be intense in the outer hips.  Get on your hands and knees(tabletop position)  Cross right knee in front of the left knee. Try to sit back so your butt touches the ground, hands on the feet or ankles.


A good modification for this pose, particularly if you have tight hips is to use a blanket, towel, or block under your butt so your butt rests on the prop if you can’t make it to the floor.

If you do make it to the floor, but one hip is higher than the other, modify but putting the bock or blanket under the elevated hip.  Don’t forget to switch and do the other side.

Alright!  That’s a lot of info for you.  Start with trying one new pose a day, and maybe work into doing 3 poses a day and start reaping the benefits of more flexible hips!!

If you’re interested in yoga and cycling, see my piece from the Sept/Oct 2011 Elevation Outdoors about yoga and cycling. 

Or for more fun, follow me on twitter.

How to impress chicks at the gym

Monday, January 30th, 2012


1. Dress to impress. Wear a tshirt but cut out HUGE armholes. Make sure the tshirt is hanging by a tiny thread at your hip. She can’t wait to see your obliques and pecs. Don’t forget to get a fake, orange tan though. You don’t want to look like a big, white douchebag.

2. Let her know you’re there. Scream really loud when you bench. That way she knows you are a primal man and can stand up to any competition. This bull’s got horns.

3. Carry a gallon jug of water around with you. She wants to know that she won’t ever be thirsty, nor will you be making several trips to the drinking fountain to check out that other girl’s ass bent over doing tricep kickbacks on the bench.

4. Comment on how much weight she is lifting. Ask her if she’s sure she should be doing that much and show you are concerned she will hurt herself. Make sure to give her tips. After all, she can’t do more than you! Women want a man who is thoughtful and caring. Oh, and definitely offer to spot her.

5. Stare, but be direct…but none of this pussy out of the corner of the eye bull shit. Make sure she can you see watching her in every mirror. Stare so much that she keeps looking back at you. If she didn’t hear your primal bellow from the bench, she knows you are there. Then you should wink and go into a shadowboxing routine in the mirror to show her that you can fight and protect her at any given moment….and kick Chick Norris’ ass. Bonus points for adding a “key eye” with each punch.

6. Flex in the mirror and make sure she’s watching. How will she know how totally ripped you are?! You’re the man. You worked hard on those delts, brah.

7. Stay away from the leg press. For one, you’ll scare her off with your disgusting farts that are so thick you can taste them. Too much whey protein, son. Two, you’ll look like a pussy because your toothpick legs are too weak. Make sure you wear longer shorts so she doesn’t see that your biceps are bigger than your thighs. It’s a wonder that you can even stand up.

8. Ladies like a man who has a sense of style. Make sure to wear your Vibram 5 Finger shoes in the gym while lifting. Plus, it shows you are cultured. Flip flops are also a good choice, it shows you are laid back.

9. Wear a beanie too. It’s really cold in the gym, and it makes you look really mysterious and sexy.

10. Do NOT wear deodorant. You want your musk to be strong. It’s all about the pheromones. If she can’t smell you from across the gym, at least she can taste you.

11. Do your bicep curls in the walkway and make sure she can’t get by. Then she might “accidentally” touch you as she tries to get around your massive body- a perfect chance to ask her if she got tickets to the gun show. You are mighty. Grrr baby, grrr.

12. Don’t even THINK about wiping off the equipment. If she can’t deal with your sweat soaking up her tshirt, how will she do when you come upstairs after a date and you make it rain?

13. Shave. Everything.

If none of these tips work, maybe your sorry ass should go feed your ego at cross fit. Now sack up!

And watch out for these guns (video clip) (thanks Josh)

Skilanglauf im Engadin-Silvaplana

Monday, January 30th, 2012


Im Januar war ich mit meiner Freundin Vera beim Skilanglauf Training im Engadin. Wir haben es sehr gut gehabt zusammen und auch das Training war gut.

In Silvaplana,1815 Meter über Meer,im Hotel Albana wir waren gut bedient. Das gemütliche Hotel Albana liegt in guter Lage mit verschiedenen Blicken,zum See,zu den Bergen Richtung Maloja und auch einem schönen Blick Richtung St.Moritz,einfach wunderschön auch jetzt im Winter beim meterhohem Schnee! Im Hotel Albana gibt es verschiedene Küche,Regional und Thailändisch,Sie nennen es Thailando.

Im Engadin im Winter immer etwas was los. Es gibt verschiedene Wettkämpfe ,entweder Alpin Abfahrt,Eishockey,Pferderennen,Wintergolf,Skimarathon und so weiter. Für mich ist das Engadin das Ski Paradies,es gibt so viele verschiedene Ski Loipen,Klassisch oder Skating. Jeder kann wählen,was er fahren will.

Beim Skilanglauf habe ich Klassisch und Skating Tag für Tag abgewechselt. So wird man mental nicht müde. Im Winter ich mache ein abwechslungsreiches Training,entweder Joggen,Fitness oder auf der Rolle,doch meist Skilangläufen.

Unsere erste und zweite Trainingswoche war für uns erfolgreich. Da haben wir bei Sonnigem jedoch kaltem Wetter sehr gut trainiert. Jeden Tag nach dem harten Training massierte uns Werner Faust. Er ist der Masseur vom Team Topeak Ergon. So konnten wir entspannt und erholt jeden Tag wieder Vollgas Ski fahren. Sonnst währe es schwierig den Trainingsplan von meinem Trainer Kuno Hottenrott zu erfüllen. Ich arbeite mit Kuno schon seit 2007 zusammen und wir verstehen uns sehr gut.

Nach 4-5h Skitraining gab es am Abend immer gutes Essen. Oft haben wir Thailändisch gegessen. Das ist sehr gesund, viel Gemüse,Reis,Fisch und gutes Rindfleisch braucht der Körper für die Regeneration. Zum Dessert haben wir 10 mini Kugeln von verschiedene Eissorten oder frische Thailändische Früchte gegessen. Mit gutem Essen konnte unsere Training jeden Tag wieder weiter los gehen.

Während des Trainingslager in Silvaplana im Hotel Albana hat sogar unser russischer Nationaltrainer  Ustinovich besucht. Er war sehr begeistert als er uns beim Skifahren gesehen hat. Er hat nicht gedacht, dass ich und Vera so gut Langlaufen können. Er hat Freude gehabt wie wir trainieren. Für Olympia hat er für uns ambitiöse Zielsetzungen,die er uns auch zutraut zu erreichen.

Meine Freundin Vera ist von meinem Team Chef von Topeak Ergon,Franc Arnold,die letzte zwei Jahre mit dem Bike unterstützt worden und auch bei den World Cup Rennen hilft unser Team Mechaniker  Lars Hartwich. Vera ist russische Meisterin von 2011 und letztes Jahr auch mit Hilfe von Team sehr gut gefahren. Bei der Weltmeisterschaft in Champery hat sie den 16.Platz herausgefahren.

Bis zum ende des Trainingslager bleibt nur noch zwei Tage. Wir haben sehr gut Trainiert und waren mit allem sehr zufrieden im Albana Hotel.

Vielen Dank an Hotel Besitzer Daniel und seine Frau Malvika und alle Mitarbeiter für alles!

Im Februar in Zypern geht es dann auf dem Rad los. Ich freue mich sehr auf mein neues Canyon Bike. Ich werde in Zypern an zwei Rennen teilnehmen um zu sehen wie meine Form ist. Ich freue mich riesig,dass es mit den Rennen endlich los geht!

Meine Fans,liebe Leserinnen und Leser, ich freue mich weiter Euch über meine Ergebnisse von den Rennen zu berichten.

Bis bald,Eure Ira!

SNV31942 Schönes Wetter im Engadin SNV32117

Lanzarote 4 day stage race. Stage 2

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

avatarHad another good day at the Lanzarote 4 day stage race. Today's stage was fun and had some nice technical singletrails. It was pretty windy again, so it was important to be in a group! Stage 2. 60km: 1. Annika langvad 2:30:47 2. Sally Bigham 2:33:55 3. Adelheid Morath 2:33:57 My legs feel good and I'm looking forward to the 25km uphill time trial tomorrow. Only 1 second separates Adelheid and


Saturday, January 28th, 2012

avatarSo, now I'm resting after a short race and I have some time to update my blog! We left Gran Canaria on Wednesday and came to Club La Santa for the Lanzarote 4 day off-road stage race. We had some really great training with lots of climbing in GC, the weather was perfect and the Canarian hospitality was amazing. Post ride recovery :) We met so many nice people including Cesar Acosta and

Lanzarote 4 day stage race starts today

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

avatarFirst race of the 2012 season: Lanzarote 4 day stage race starts today. Stage 1 is a fast 30km route. A strong women's field includes Annika Langvad, Gunn-Rita, and Blaža Klemenčič. Let's see what my legs think of some speed! Tomorrow is a longer, 60km stage; Monday is a 25km uphill time trial; and Tuesday is a 80km marathon.


looneysonya Super inspired and excited at the first @imba summit meeting this week about advocacy and education!!
10.10.12 17:39

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looneysonya @TSuperAwesome NOT super awesome :)
10.10.12 05:46

looneysonya I just heard a woman say microwave as mick-rowave. Never heard that pronunciation... Maybe she's Canadian? ;)
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looneysonya Rich old man loafers... Haha. Makes me laugh every time
10.10.12 02:28

jeffkerkove @danielmatheny Boom! Time for a lift day!!
09.10.12 22:21

looneysonya Gorgeous fall ride at Sandia Ski Area early this morning! The site of my first bike race ever!
09.10.12 22:15

jeffkerkove @TimMtPleasant Excited on the move and the local riding!! #Eagle #Colorado
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looneysonya Every time I come to ABQ, I have to get the essentials at the @thegrovecafe Yummy!
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namrita_k Taking a break from the offseason for some @IcemanTCMI training #onegearonly
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looneysonya Want to sport a @TSuperAwesome UNICORN tshirt, complete with bones? Get it here:
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looneysonya @djscene Hey! I'm curious if you'll be in Vegas (shows?) Nov 8 or 9? Would love to see you again! it's my bf's 30th bday, so vegas it is!
09.10.12 13:10

looneysonya @PatasV Hello! Yes! I will be at La Ruta!
09.10.12 13:01

looneysonya @imba Summit in Santa Fe this week, Bend/PDX with @MTBR later next week. #livethedream!!
09.10.12 13:00

looneysonya @djscene Digging the Blur remix and I laughed my ass off (alone in public) at the Ghostbusters. That's awesome!
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jeffkerkove Gravel Races - Races & Sports - #mensjournal
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looneysonya @CornerCnynRider I agree. :) I feel very lucky!
08.10.12 23:48

looneysonya Desert ride and some hike-a-bike training this morning. Good times! Beautiful morning!
08.10.12 19:00

looneysonya Sorry my report is a week late, but it's up! 24 Hour Nats report:
08.10.12 13:49

looneysonya Glow! #nofilters
08.10.12 01:45

looneysonya Balloon Fiesta!! The sound of the fire is my favorite part! :)
08.10.12 00:48

jeffkerkove Relaxation. @ Antlers at Vail
07.10.12 22:17

jeffkerkove @pgball Decided not to go. Can't spend the $$$$ needed on hotels, etc, etc.
07.10.12 21:05

looneysonya @AmyBeti right!!!
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looneysonya Checked out Milagro Winery in Corrales, NM
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jeffkerkove Non-bike exercise with @FRS @Ergon_Intl and @KarenJarchow #offseason #BeaverCreek
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looneysonya Huge pet peeve: when people say "lemme have". What ever happened to "may I please have?"
07.10.12 20:08

looneysonya Hometown shredding! Good to be back on the bike after a week off!
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looneysonya @balloonfiesta is raging in ABQ! I'm going tonight to the balloon glow and enjoying all the balloons in the sky out the window!
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looneysonya Stoked to be home in Albuquerque, NM for the next few days!
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jeffkerkove Editing video from today's ride in Eagle, CO
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jeffkerkove Exploring Eagle, CO trails today. #offseason #bigbike #Fall
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jeffkerkove Rumor on the web is this is the final running of the 24 Hrs of Moab. 24 hr racing isn't dead or dying, $300+ entry fees are. #evolution
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looneysonya Glad to escape the nasty weather moving in. Heading to ABQ in the morning!
06.10.12 00:08

jeffkerkove Just follow the gold path. #BeaverCreek #Arrowhead @ Village To Village Trail
05.10.12 20:43

jeffkerkove Taking the scenic route. #12000ft @ Loveland Pass
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looneysonya @AK_Chick stalk away and show me around when I come to Alaska! :). It's on my bucket list!
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looneysonya @BoulderLuke :)
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jeffkerkove @ethanmillstein @LooneySonya Yeah, that's not me. It's Jon Davis! @cyclingnewsfeed
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looneysonya @BigBikesMedia dammmmit' :). But I love the heckling! :)
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looneysonya @ethanmillstein @jeffkerkove that is Jon Davis!! My partner!
04.10.12 06:18

looneysonya I've said it once and I'll say it again... I judge people based on the beer they're drinking. Colors Light? Sooooo not cool.
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looneysonya Bubbles.
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jeffkerkove Big bike recovery ride. #FtCollins #cameraangles #foothills @ Foothills Trail
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looneysonya @ChrisGardnerSS Go to Marble Brewery
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looneysonya Really? People still smoke cigarettes? #gross
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jeffkerkove Ride along on my @Pure_Cycling 29er during @levisgranfondo What a ride!
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looneysonya @thequeenofpain @svgreg boss!!!
02.10.12 23:53

looneysonya @djscene Yeahhh, thanks buddy!
02.10.12 23:28

looneysonya Hey @djscene ! How about a new podcast?! :) Pretty please!
02.10.12 20:41

looneysonya Wow, some exciting things on the horizon. Training for @La_Ruta @IMBA World Summit, and an @MTBR ride trip in Bend. #livingthedream
02.10.12 20:39

looneysonya @MrsHBstache @hbstache Well, you don't want the beer to go to waste!! #drainthebomber
02.10.12 20:39

jeffkerkove My very painful Tamarancho Dirt Classic XC @garmin gps file now on @strava #ouch #stickaforkinme
02.10.12 20:18

jeffkerkove @fatcyclist Likewise! Got a few pics here you can use how you like:
02.10.12 18:53

jeffkerkove Just uploaded my @EpicActionCam pics from @levisgranfondo
02.10.12 18:37

looneysonya Soooo tired! Glad I have @FRS this morning bc the coffee isn't working. Need vitamins!
02.10.12 16:39

jeffkerkove The "Traz" @ Alcatraz Island
02.10.12 00:45

jeffkerkove American icons. @ Golden Gate Bridge
02.10.12 00:43

looneysonya @T_Bone_Knox @Epicrides haha!! I don't think I can go... big January plans/early Feb :) Thanks though, and GOOD LUCK! Love that event!
01.10.12 22:44

jeffkerkove Amerika f yeah! @ Golden Gate Bridge
01.10.12 18:12

jeffkerkove In tourist mode. @ Golden Gate Bridge
01.10.12 17:59

looneysonya I have so many ideas of things I want to do, I think my head might explode!! Hope I can make the dreams happen!
01.10.12 17:29

looneysonya @TaigaCompany You rocked it too! HUGE congrats to you!
01.10.12 17:16

looneysonya Does anyone have any airline company contacts? I have some ideas... :)
01.10.12 17:16

looneysonya If you're interested in checking out what racing a 24 looks like, you can look at my @Strava files from the race here:
01.10.12 16:34

looneysonya Slept 11 hours straight last night and went to bed at 8PM! One of the benefits of riding all night... (same after VT125 too!)
01.10.12 15:42

looneysonya @MrsHBstache yeahhh!! Glad you like :)
01.10.12 15:41

looneysonya @TracyThelen Me too! Fun racing! :)
30.09.12 23:25

looneysonya @bikeyguy great to see you!
30.09.12 23:25

looneysonya ...and now for one of the harder parts of 24 Hour Racing... trying to stay awake till it gets dark after being up racing all night!
30.09.12 22:25

jeffkerkove Great riders and tough course at the Tamarancho XC! Took the lead on last lap, held on for the 'W'!! Thanks Bay Area for a great day!!
30.09.12 22:12

looneysonya We are the Coed Duo national champs! (We even beat all the men's duo teams, hehe). Thanks Jon Davis!!
30.09.12 20:05

jeffkerkove Heading to the Tamarancho XC today to race & support High School Mountain Bike League! Going hurt, long time since I've raced the XC format!
30.09.12 15:05

jeffkerkove @fatcyclist @levisgranfondo Likewise! @KarenJarchow and I had a blast! Super event all around!
30.09.12 15:03

jeffkerkove @looneysonya go looney go! Kill it!
30.09.12 15:02

looneysonya Mmm hot coffee!!! Git in my belly!
30.09.12 14:04

looneysonya The sun is officially up and results are in. Currently, we are 1 lap 7min ahead. 5 hours left. Tick tock. I've ridden 106 miles to far.
30.09.12 12:47

looneysonya That was a very sloppy lap... Getting some much needed calories before I take on the last night lap.
30.09.12 10:01

looneysonya @MtnBikeRadio lucky! Thanks! This is the hardest part of the race!!
30.09.12 07:56

looneysonya 3 night laps down... This race is actually more in the dark than in the light. Started to caffeine drip too...
30.09.12 07:50

looneysonya Night lap check in. 1:12 and 1:11... Hoping to keep them around there!
30.09.12 05:29

jeffkerkove I call this piece "@kjarchow in the bush" @ Mill Valley, CA
30.09.12 04:36

jeffkerkove 3, 2, 1, strike a pose! @ Sweetwater Music Hall
30.09.12 04:10

jeffkerkove Just ate an entire pizza #levisgranfondo #MillValley #postridehungermonster
30.09.12 03:40

looneysonya First night lap down! Hopefully I stay steady through the night. Having a great time so far!! It's a gorgeous night with a full moon.
30.09.12 03:23

looneysonya @RevoDoom where is your pit?
30.09.12 02:59

looneysonya @RevoDoom
30.09.12 02:59

looneysonya @TedTaylor3 13.5 mi
30.09.12 02:58

looneysonya Gotta hold it steady... There's still a looooong say to you!!
30.09.12 00:58

looneysonya Jon is out in lap 7 for our team. I did 1:05, 1:06, 1:07 so far. Next is my 1st night lap. We are leading by about 30min.
30.09.12 00:58

jeffkerkove @levisgranfondo is an amazing event! Get here to Santa Rosa at some point for the Fondo or to just ride! AMAZING ROADS!!
29.09.12 22:34

jeffkerkove 100 miles and 8k of climbing completed at the Levi's Gran Fondo! Great day of riding o @ City Of Santa Rosa
29.09.12 22:04

looneysonya Bike is ready to go. 24 hour nats start in 1.5 hours. Nervous about the pain!
29.09.12 16:30

jeffkerkove Time to ride bikes!! @ Finley Community Center
29.09.12 13:58

jeffkerkove On the way to ride 103 miles of @levisgranfondo with @thequeenofpain @KarenJarchow @fatcyclist @tomdanielson @YuriHauswald etc, etc.
29.09.12 12:19

looneysonya Early to bed tonight...last chance to bank sleep! I won't be sleeping tomorrow night. #24HRNationals. Starts at noon tomorrow i
29.09.12 03:53

jeffkerkove Tamarancho. MTB is now dirty for Levi's Gran Fondo tomorrow!
29.09.12 01:03

jeffkerkove Heading out to spin out the legs north of San Francisco.
28.09.12 21:06

looneysonya @Joshing_Ya I have a @strava account already :)
28.09.12 18:05

looneysonya New blog post: 24 Nationals tomorrow.
28.09.12 17:19

jeffkerkove Time for a bit of work and pleasure. Mostly pleasure. @ Denver International Airport (DEN)
28.09.12 13:46

jeffkerkove It's Eddie!
28.09.12 02:30

looneysonya I spy a lady with bad 80s hair and shoulder pads.
28.09.12 00:55

jeffkerkove @looneysonya Thso ;)
27.09.12 22:29

looneysonya Got my hot little hands on an Iphone 5. MEGA STOKED!!!!
27.09.12 22:27

jeffkerkove Getting the @Ergon_Intl SM3 saddle demo program details finalized.
27.09.12 21:43

jeffkerkove Drinking @FRS and packing bikes into the @evocsports bike cases. CA bound in the AM for @levisgranfondo
27.09.12 19:48

looneysonya Hero dirt- happy girl!!
27.09.12 19:02

namrita_k Our patient paleo mouse finally gave in to almond butter. He's now in the woods free to live his hunter gatherer lifestyle. Phew.
27.09.12 15:37

looneysonya Looks like it's finally that time... winter riding gear is coming out for the year.
27.09.12 15:28

looneysonya Get some @radicallights charged up for 24 Nats this weekend!
27.09.12 14:44

jeffkerkove @arae_miller Not my place. Landlord's rules. #nopets
27.09.12 03:41

looneysonya @m_sqrd TRP canti to TRP Vs
27.09.12 03:40

looneysonya Tasty!!
27.09.12 01:56

looneysonya Got some V-brakes for the CX bike! Finally, I'll be able to actually stop :)
26.09.12 23:08

looneysonya @MjSmoot You are amazing :) That's so sweet!
26.09.12 22:46

looneysonya @murf_fly Still use your siracha trick :)
26.09.12 22:32

looneysonya @jordanhmay Nope!
26.09.12 22:32

jeffkerkove Cloudy. Cool. Canyon. #trainingride
26.09.12 21:24

looneysonya 3 days till 24 Hour National Championships and 34 days till @La_Ruta in Costa Rica! Owning life and doing it on a bike! YEAH!!!!
26.09.12 18:39

looneysonya Raw fish tastes so damn good. Such a strange concept... We don't eat raw chicken or totally raw beef!
26.09.12 18:32

looneysonya The issue with being so easily amused is the loud outbursts of laughter when I'm alone in public.. Making me laugh harder :)
26.09.12 16:49

jeffkerkove Looking for place to live in Ft Collins? Want to be close to singletrack and trails? Check it!
26.09.12 16:16

looneysonya Standing outside Apple(yes obsessed) and heard a dude say "do I have enough money in my account? Crap! I spent it all in Vegas!". Lol
26.09.12 15:57

looneysonya @jordanhmay Fingers are crossed I get one before the 3-4 week period if you order online!
26.09.12 14:12

looneysonya @jordanhmay I had it ordered, but then I canceled my order b/c you can't get a one at the store if you have one on order b/c of contracts!
26.09.12 14:12

looneysonya Keep failing to get my hands on an Iphone 5, but I will not give up. My 3Gs is tired and angry....
26.09.12 04:29

jeffkerkove Looking forward to the @levisgranfondo this weekend! Going to be fun to get out there with 7499 other cyclists!!
26.09.12 00:03

jeffkerkove Sign of a good crash. #pullcleatoutofshoe @ Stout Trail
25.09.12 22:15

jeffkerkove Note to self: Get remote controlled h'copter to stick HD #EpicCam to!
25.09.12 20:00

jeffkerkove Just because something is shown at @Interbike doesn't mean it is available right now. #bikeindustryinsidertip
25.09.12 19:24

looneysonya Trying to get my body rested and bike ready for 24 Hr Mountain Bike Nationals this weekend. The Vegas funk is hard to shake!
25.09.12 19:10

looneysonya @Jobe_Rodgers @crossvegas haha thanks!
25.09.12 19:09

namrita_k Going on 24h of food poisoning thanks to a restaurant in Ogden. Still in bed at 3pm :(
25.09.12 19:06

looneysonya Race Report: @CrossVegas - Eye of the Unicorn
25.09.12 14:04

looneysonya @MjSmoot who'd you get that from?! I'll kill her! :)
25.09.12 06:07

looneysonya New @deadmau5 albums comes out tomorrow. I've been patiently waiting. WOOOT!
25.09.12 04:32

looneysonya @RyanAmirault @Pure_Cycling Strive!! 6 inch!
25.09.12 04:30

jeffkerkove Great race video from one of the racers at this years Vapor Trail 125!
25.09.12 02:06

looneysonya MAYDAY!!! Gotta go from hard tail to a big bike. Learning curve :) #runshitover
25.09.12 01:27

jeffkerkove @KJBeti Shhhhhhhhh :)
24.09.12 23:35

looneysonya @TedTaylor3 @hestragloves for sure... and good booties. I also like wool @buffinc headwear.
24.09.12 16:27

jeffkerkove A hint of winter. #colorado @ Copper Mountain I-70
24.09.12 15:56

jeffkerkove Fall is soaking in! @ Vail Pass I-70
24.09.12 15:47

jeffkerkove Americano for the AM win! @ Northside Coffee & Kitchen
24.09.12 15:04

looneysonya @chloewoodruff SO RAD! Have fun!
24.09.12 14:00

looneysonya Acoustic @foofighters to get the morning started.
24.09.12 13:59

namrita_k Quick update from #xterra nationals: worst swim ever but I did finish (12th)
24.09.12 13:07

looneysonya Total BS call by the ref on the Ravens coach. Let the man call a time out without a 15yd penalty. dumb.
24.09.12 03:40

looneysonya @bravo32053 Thanks!
24.09.12 03:23

looneysonya @gest24 Like '08... don't want one too old, but I do like the body style before it.
24.09.12 03:23

looneysonya @nkingdon WANT.
24.09.12 03:23

looneysonya It sucks when your conservative dream car, USED is still out of price reach. BOOOO #@SubaruWRXwagon
24.09.12 02:45

looneysonya @dcaton If you are a hophead, it's wunderbar!
24.09.12 02:31

jeffkerkove @paulromero @brasil_ride Dude wish I was there! Hopefully back in 2013!
24.09.12 02:10

looneysonya 10th anniversary @stonebrewingco Ruination IPA. Bring on the hops!!!
24.09.12 02:05

jeffkerkove Small plate feeding time in Avon, CO. Good to be back in the mountains!!! @ Vin 48
24.09.12 01:49

looneysonya @thenoodleator Thanks!! :)
24.09.12 01:29

looneysonya Great day to get the legs going and eject the Vegas Interbike funk!! Love the fall!
24.09.12 01:07

jeffkerkove Interbike/Las Vegas detox ride.
23.09.12 23:00

jeffkerkove Dead chamois. 2010-2012. RIP #neednewclothingbadly
23.09.12 17:12

looneysonya It's not cool to talk about Star Trek, especially in public. #justsayin
23.09.12 16:14

looneysonya Being a grown up means eating chocolate pie with my morning coffee. I eat dessert when I want! ;)
23.09.12 15:28

looneysonya @protijy @ghincapie haha yeah!! See George, everyone wants you to come ride MTB with me! Come out to CO! Bring your big boy chamois ;)
23.09.12 15:25

namrita_k You'd never know there was a crit going on in Ogden b/c everyone was gathered around to watch arm wrestling instead
23.09.12 13:48

looneysonya Either it's been a week since I've seen @MjSmoot or he's been climbing hard... Errr both. BEEFCAKE! Day-um! #muscles
23.09.12 02:20

jeffkerkove Fueling to get home tonight. #Interbike
23.09.12 00:38

jeffkerkove @jordanhmay @trekbikes they do their own dealer show in WI
23.09.12 00:13

looneysonya Boulder, Boulder! Stoked to be home AND to ride some singletrack tomorrow!!!!
22.09.12 23:33

jeffkerkove Get me back in the Colorado mountains! #lasvegas #Interbike
22.09.12 16:38

looneysonya This week: @Interbike sleep deprivation. Next weekend: 24 Hour Mountain Bike Nationals and more sleep deprivation in CO Springs! Can't wait!
22.09.12 16:26

looneysonya I think I was most entertained by the dancers at the @bennybenassi show tonight. Soooo ready for bed!!
22.09.12 09:36

looneysonya @hoovis @ghincapie Not!!! @ghincapie is the man!
22.09.12 09:35

jeffkerkove Benny killed it tonight!! @ Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub
22.09.12 09:16

jeffkerkove Not messing around tonight! Full gas!!! @ Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub
22.09.12 07:14

jeffkerkove Keeping it classy; Walgreens and champaign.
22.09.12 05:10

looneysonya @protijy @ghincapie yeah! Do epic shit in the mountains! :)
22.09.12 04:36

looneysonya @danielcurtin @ghincapie @tsuperawesome yeah but superawesome is CX! We are talking singletrack!!!! :)
22.09.12 04:36

looneysonya In a limo biiiitch!!
22.09.12 02:43

jeffkerkove Off to dinner! #limo
22.09.12 02:42

looneysonya I met @ghincapie last night and he said, "I'll kick you ass on a mountain bike." I guess I should have taken him up on the challenge!
22.09.12 02:11

looneysonya @sethspurlock Nice to meet you! !
22.09.12 02:10

looneysonya Ending Vegas on a high note tonight in Vegas with @bennybenassi at The Marquee tonight!! A fav I've never seen!
22.09.12 01:42

looneysonya Dang! I'm the @Cyclepassion header! Thanks Anke!
22.09.12 01:25

looneysonya Interbike 2012 is officially in the books! Can't wait to go home tomorrow!
22.09.12 01:24

jeffkerkove Tearing the @Ergon_Intl booth down at @interbike Chips and beer to fuel the workers.
22.09.12 00:16

looneysonya Crack! I never buy these bc they are so addicting!
22.09.12 00:12

jeffkerkove Looking forward to the first SRAM XX1 ride! @ Interbike
21.09.12 22:18

jeffkerkove @interbike fuel via @FRS
21.09.12 21:05

jeffkerkove @Ergon_intl SR3 Saddle taking saddle hotness to level 11! @ Interbike 2012 - Ergon booth
21.09.12 16:51

looneysonya Last day of interbike! Can't wait to get back to CO fall colors and air tomorrow!
21.09.12 16:45

namrita_k Wheeler Canyon #xterrautah
21.09.12 14:33

jeffkerkove Last day of @Interbike then Benny Benassi LIVE at Marquee tonight!
21.09.12 14:33

namrita_k Fall in the canyon
21.09.12 14:30

namrita_k More of this please #xterrautah
21.09.12 14:27

looneysonya Sinclair party!!
21.09.12 06:24

jeffkerkove Trouble. @ Double Down Saloon
21.09.12 05:19

jeffkerkove @themunson fits into a children's size 7 @ CVS Pharmacy
21.09.12 05:15

jeffkerkove @themunson bought a new shirt for the evening. @ CVS Pharmacy
21.09.12 05:14

looneysonya Moar autographs! @Cyclepassion
21.09.12 01:46

jeffkerkove Ergon wine tasting going down at 4:30 pm #interbike @ Interbike 2012 - Ergon booth
20.09.12 23:15

namrita_k So fun!!! #permagrin #xterrautah
20.09.12 22:29

looneysonya @ryanwoodward @crossvegas check my twitter feed for more pics!
20.09.12 17:59

looneysonya @suziej72 @the_klucker @ryanwoodward super fun!
20.09.12 17:58

looneysonya @gest24 @protijy Julian Pie will get you everywhere boys! Thanks a lot!!!
20.09.12 17:57

looneysonya Espresso cups
20.09.12 15:35

jeffkerkove Fueling for Day 2 of @interbike @ Espressamente Illy
20.09.12 15:30

looneysonya Big super thanks to everyone that came out to @CrossVegas and for cheering for @TSuperAwesome unicorn power! Eye of the unicorn!
20.09.12 14:20

looneysonya A guy named Justin Lee brought me a present yesterday- a belt buckle for racing CX Vegas. Looney power! Thanks!!
20.09.12 14:19

looneysonya @danielcurtin @tsuperawesome :)
20.09.12 07:32

looneysonya I just got ID'd at the bar asking for water. Wtf! #Vegas
20.09.12 07:11

looneysonya @jasper9 @davedtowle What did he say??
20.09.12 05:43

looneysonya @jasper9 next CX race- primalapalooxa sept 29 in Arvada!
20.09.12 05:29

looneysonya @CrossVegas was a sufferfest,but it was super fun and I collected dolla dolla billz yo! Look at RTs for pics!!
20.09.12 04:46

jeffkerkove Capo Clothing party, @ V Bar
20.09.12 02:08

looneysonya Want to see what it looks like to race @CrossVegas after standing for 10 hours straight? I'm your gal! Look for the @TSuperAwesome unicorn
19.09.12 22:08

looneysonya I'll be signing @Cyclepassion calendars at the Conti\Hwy 2 Booth at 4:30 today @interbike See you then!
19.09.12 22:06

looneysonya Some of my favorite ladies to race!! :) @NoTubes
19.09.12 21:41

looneysonya @frs is keeping my energy levels up today at the @Ergon_Intl booth!
19.09.12 20:28

looneysonya @annekebeerten and I looking over our shots in the @Cyclepassion calendar.
19.09.12 20:15

jeffkerkove Ride footage streaming at the Epic Cam booth! @ Interbike
19.09.12 19:30

jeffkerkove Wait until you see the CF3 seatpost and SR3 saddle in person! #wow @ Interbike 2012 - Ergon booth
19.09.12 15:21

looneysonya The @interbike madness at the @Ergon_Intl booth is about to commence!
19.09.12 15:10

namrita_k @mandywisell hmm...ok thanks :)
19.09.12 14:22

looneysonya @del_wyn29er cheers! How was it?
19.09.12 13:53

looneysonya @RyanAmirault I'm participating.... Racing after standing at the booth for 10 hours is not ideal :) so yes, I'm lining up!
19.09.12 13:52

looneysonya @cyclistlmt I'll be at the @Ergon_Intl booth all day!
19.09.12 13:51

looneysonya Vegas!
19.09.12 04:15

jeffkerkove Walking the strip. En route to.... @ Prada
19.09.12 04:15

looneysonya @bikesbelong @thequeenofpain GO REBA!
19.09.12 01:46

namrita_k @chrissiesmiles do it!
19.09.12 01:07

namrita_k @thatsnogood @mandywisell it doesn't seem to be working. Maybe he wants nutella with it?
19.09.12 01:06

namrita_k @sthig I have a paleo mouse on my doesn't like peanut butter or bread either!
19.09.12 01:05

looneysonya I'm going to get my butt kicked in a super awesome unicorn skinsuit, and it's going to be awesome!!! Classy as f@$*!!!
19.09.12 00:35

looneysonya Tomorrow night is @CrossVegas !!!! There's a live broadcast: Race is at 8PM PST tomorrow.
19.09.12 00:29

looneysonya @JeepGorilla @SkratchLabs bawls
18.09.12 23:13

looneysonya @gest24 yummmm!!
18.09.12 21:48

looneysonya Brahhhp!!
18.09.12 21:44

looneysonya So glad Allen Lim at @SkratchLabs had some delish rice balls. Yes!!
18.09.12 21:42

jeffkerkove Dropping in! @ Interbike Outdoor Demo
18.09.12 20:47

jeffkerkove It's #Interbike. A bike show. But yet they won't let you ride your bike to the venue. #unbikefriendly #lame
18.09.12 16:15

looneysonya @cyclistlmt Blue Argyle! My traps are still sore from Vapor Trail... ;)
18.09.12 15:26

looneysonya haha, @drunkcyclist offered to help me hydrate with rum in a packet at the ODD yesterday. I decided "sure, why not?!"
18.09.12 15:09

looneysonya haha, @drunkcyclist offered to help me hydrate with rum in a packet at the ODD yesterday. I decided "sure, why not?!"
18.09.12 15:04

looneysonya @performance_inc I'll be out there today, hope to run into you!
18.09.12 15:01

namrita_k Trying to catch a mouse in my house. Cheese and Gu Chomps don't seem to be enticing enough.
18.09.12 14:30

jeffkerkove Walk.
18.09.12 05:54

jeffkerkove Walking 'The Strip' #interbike @ Bell Tower at Bellagio
18.09.12 04:26

looneysonya @nkingdon Let Love In... but I think it applies to a lot in life
18.09.12 02:29

looneysonya @SixZeroStrength reading your daily camera article. Fired UPPPP!!!!! Yeah!
18.09.12 02:20

looneysonya Love this song lyric by the Goo Goo Dolls. "The end of fear is where we begin."
18.09.12 02:20

namrita_k No #interbike for me this year. Sad to miss seeing sponsors, friends, and @TeamTopeakErgon teammates but very excited to go race in Utah!
18.09.12 02:07

namrita_k @mollyjhurford yes that is an awesome shirt and you look great! :) @TWINSIX #SouthernCX
18.09.12 02:06

namrita_k Fresh new parts for my @xterraoffroad nats race bike @pure_cycling @teamtopeakergon
18.09.12 01:44

looneysonya @DanVanGorder @Interbike Yeah, interested. Info please?
18.09.12 01:35

jeffkerkove Lunar riding today at #interbike Outdoor Demo
18.09.12 00:11

looneysonya @SkratchLabs rice cakes are always a treat! Thanks Allen!
17.09.12 22:46

looneysonya @interbike outdoor demo shredding! Great seeing everyone today!
17.09.12 22:43

looneysonya @cyclistlmt Something bad ass :) And that helps with standing at the booth for 9 hours and then trying to race CX :)
17.09.12 17:36

jeffkerkove Waiting to head out to #Interbike ODD. Nail in Ergon sprinter van tire, waiting on the repair.
17.09.12 16:58

looneysonya @themunson has learned one of the ways to my heart!! Good grinds.
17.09.12 15:48

jeffkerkove AM yoga on the way to #Interbike Outdoor Demo @ Las Vegas
17.09.12 15:11

looneysonya Heading to Outdoor Demo this morning at @interbike See you there!
17.09.12 14:38

looneysonya Vegas. See everyone at Outdoor Demo tomorrow!
17.09.12 03:29

jeffkerkove @heythorp Google "UT mountain biking" then check out skid map. Tons of trails on there with interactive map.
16.09.12 22:06

jeffkerkove Las Vegas bike commuting, sketch balls! #interbike @ Harmon Ave
16.09.12 21:50

jeffkerkove @KJbeti @kjarchow taking in the views outside St. George, UT
16.09.12 17:41

jeffkerkove Coffee is gone. Time to ride!! #StGeorge #Utah
16.09.12 16:22

looneysonya @butchworley oh yeah! everything is great!
16.09.12 05:50

looneysonya The blessing and pain in life is a simple fact: nothing lasts.
16.09.12 01:05

looneysonya @del_wyn29er ROAD APPLE RALLY!!!!! Wait, same thing?!
16.09.12 01:04

jeffkerkove I swear I'm a safe driver! @ I-15
16.09.12 00:01

looneysonya Colorful!
15.09.12 21:07

namrita_k Blue Ridge, GA
15.09.12 14:18

jeffkerkove Cutting video from today's "aspen surfing" session, aka chasing KJ up and down the mountain.
15.09.12 02:24

looneysonya Friday night reading if you want it! New blog post: XIV (14)
15.09.12 02:15

looneysonya Friday night reading if you want it! New blog post: XIV (14)
15.09.12 02:15

looneysonya @BigBikesMedia haha! I will enable!
15.09.12 02:10

looneysonya @BigBikesMedia You are hilarious!
15.09.12 01:56

looneysonya Man!!! I thought Marathon Nats were next weekend so I didn't even look into them. Turns out they are tomorrow. EPIC FAIL on my part!!
15.09.12 01:15

looneysonya @nswan hahaha LMFAO! Rat tails are classic!!!!
14.09.12 19:27

jeffkerkove If I was slow to respond to your email or phone call yesterday, this is why:
14.09.12 15:46

jeffkerkove Pics now posted on Flickr from @LooneySonya and my 14er ride outside Alma, CO
14.09.12 15:37

looneysonya Really?! People still rock mullets?
14.09.12 13:54

looneysonya @brendanlee12 Mt Bross outside Alma
14.09.12 01:32

looneysonya Checking out the @REELROCKtour with @mjsmoot at Chautauqua. 1530 people here! #climbingmovies #stoke
14.09.12 01:31

looneysonya "Times like these you learn to live again." (thanks @foofighters Good times at 14,120'!
13.09.12 21:21

jeffkerkove Tried to bag three 14ers today by bike. Fresh snow made for slow going, ran out of time. We got 1 of 3. It w
13.09.12 21:09

looneysonya @jheim mt bross
13.09.12 19:42

looneysonya @oettam73 my socks are @SockGuyLUV ! Check it out online!
13.09.12 19:10

looneysonya @LyonsLeo thanks!
13.09.12 19:10

looneysonya @TedTaylor3 canyon @Pure_Cycling bikes are not available in the US! :(
13.09.12 19:09

looneysonya Highlight of the AM- hiking my bike on top of a snow covered 14er!
13.09.12 19:09

jeffkerkove There be snow where we are riding today. @ Hoosier Pass
13.09.12 14:20

looneysonya @jordanhmay Good form!
13.09.12 05:30

looneysonya Up late writing about German beer. It'll be in a magazine soon... but you'll have to wait to know which one :)
13.09.12 05:29

looneysonya @BigBikesMedia I wish I could!! Stupid work!
13.09.12 05:28

jeffkerkove Dang that's good! #redwinewednesday
13.09.12 01:50

looneysonya @JeffCospolich That's me! Staying up here for the night... doing some videoshooting with @jeffkerkove in Alma tomorrow!
13.09.12 01:33

looneysonya @jasonsager Thanks soooo much for the lube and tshirts! LOVE IT! #GNAR DUDE!
13.09.12 01:06

looneysonya Taking a website design class in wordpress from @Shantisos tonight. Looking forward to learning some stuff!!
13.09.12 01:05

looneysonya It makes me sad when my friends get into relationships and completely neglect their friendships. BFs and GFs come and go...
13.09.12 01:01

looneysonya @BigBikesMedia are you going to interbike?
13.09.12 00:59

looneysonya @djscene You rock! I did a race where I was on my bike 17.5 hours (starting at 10 PM) last Sat. Rocked your podcasts all nite! THANKS!
13.09.12 00:58

jeffkerkove Testing the new Epic Cam Carbide over big bike happy hour at Beaver Creek! @ Beaver Creek Ski Resort
12.09.12 23:46

looneysonya Going to ODD at @interbike I'll be leading a ride with @GirlBikeLove on Tuesday at 2PM. See you there!
12.09.12 19:01

looneysonya Iphone 5 release date Sept 21!!!! Finally, my old tired 3Gs that barely works will be laid to rest. :) YES!!!!
12.09.12 18:45

looneysonya Shiitake mushrooms are just so damn good!
12.09.12 18:02

looneysonya After 3 weeks, I'm finally starting to nail my more advance yoga poses. Feels great when that happens :)
12.09.12 17:40

looneysonya Pick up the current issue of@Mountain_Flyer to read my story on @BC_BikeRace !!
12.09.12 16:47

jeffkerkove Packing for @Interbike What to take, what not to take.
12.09.12 15:34

jeffkerkove Alma man finishes Vapor Trail 125 with a course record via @TheMtnMail
12.09.12 15:07

looneysonya @mtbAyiti blog post: Mountain Bike Ayiti! @mtbayiti
12.09.12 14:15

looneysonya @upslope double IPA release tonight. Well done!!! #hophead it's becoming one of my favorite breweries!
12.09.12 02:18

jeffkerkove Time to give this a go on Thursday #14ers #bikes
12.09.12 00:56

jeffkerkove "Snow level down to 10,000 ft" #overheardonthenews
12.09.12 00:18

looneysonya Tis the season!! #CX @tsuperawesome
12.09.12 00:09

looneysonya Just went out for a recovery ride on the CX bike. I absolutely do not understand... my legs didn't feel tired. WTF?!?!!
12.09.12 00:06

jeffkerkove Hooray, cold front! #fortcollins
11.09.12 23:58

jeffkerkove @OneViewDaily 22 lbs #Canyon29er
11.09.12 23:28

jeffkerkove Vapor Trail 125 recap on the blog, complete with gear list:
11.09.12 21:58

jeffkerkove Working on a Vapor Trail 125 race report. This is longer and more tiring than the race!
11.09.12 21:25

looneysonya @SlowMTBiker That's when you pull a Jens and say SHUT UP LEGS!
11.09.12 20:14

looneysonya @carles_xc Glad you like the pic! I like it too! That was in Sedona, AZ
11.09.12 20:13

looneysonya Wordpress gurus - what are your favorite plug ins?
11.09.12 20:13

jeffkerkove Canyon's 2013 mountain bike and road offerings - Eurobike 2012 - BikeRadar
11.09.12 18:02

looneysonya @evilbanks You're so sweet, thanks!
11.09.12 18:00

looneysonya @BikeSmut I'll try!
11.09.12 18:00

looneysonya @denverwestword gave another interview post Vapor Trail. Thanks for the rave!
11.09.12 17:59

looneysonya Check out the January adventure (NPR) @mtbAyiti CAN'T WAIT! Amazing cultural immersion. @mountain bike
11.09.12 17:50

jeffkerkove Recovering from the Vapor Trail 125 = Lots of good food and @FRS Protein
11.09.12 14:44

looneysonya Vapor Trail Part 2:
11.09.12 14:12

looneysonya 2 part Vapor Trail Race Report is UP with videos! Part 1:
11.09.12 14:12

jeffkerkove Full results now posted from the 2012 Vapor Trail 125:
11.09.12 14:03

namrita_k Joe Blow saves the day at the bottom of the Winding Stair descent #fg100 @topeak_intl
11.09.12 02:25

namrita_k Finally. @montaluce @montalucewinery #fg100
11.09.12 02:22

namrita_k Gravel #fg100
11.09.12 02:17

namrita_k #FG100 coverage on @cyclingdirt via @BigBikesMedia - @Ergon_Intl @Topeak_Intl @55nine
11.09.12 02:14

jeffkerkove Great recap of this weekends Vapor Trail 125 is up on @Mountain_Flyer
11.09.12 00:49

jeffkerkove Ready for a late week adventure ride. #EpicCam #14ers #SummitCounty
10.09.12 22:52

looneysonya 3 AM self portrait during the Vapor Trail this weekend. I look just as crazy as I am. :)
10.09.12 21:45

looneysonya @cyclistlmt Hell yeah! I'm sure I will :)
10.09.12 20:00

jeffkerkove Just uploaded the Vapor Trail 125 gps file to @strava #Ouch
10.09.12 19:46

looneysonya @Douglas_BBY No problem, thank you!
10.09.12 19:24

looneysonya @Douglas_BBY lack of training from employee and manager not helping the employee when he needed it. That and total indifference.
10.09.12 18:54

looneysonya @Douglas_BBY boulder best buy, and got no apology and a bad attitude from both employee and manager. Very disappointing .
10.09.12 18:52

looneysonya @m_sqrd haha no, my camera they are supposed to exchange and it's taking forever. I am trying to keep my cool. Ughh
10.09.12 18:13

looneysonya Wow @bestbuy your customer service is hardly service. It's just a huge waste of my time. It shouldn't take 45 min to exchange a product.
10.09.12 18:13

looneysonya It's a slight concern when the guy working at the "Geek Squad" counter at best buy doesn't know how to work the computer....
10.09.12 18:03

jeffkerkove Never gets old! @ Continental Divide
10.09.12 17:08

looneysonya The man at the gas station in Fairplay did not understand my "Shut up legs!" tshirt! Haha
10.09.12 16:04

looneysonya Vapor Trail! 1st(only) woman, new geared female course record, 133mi(got lost), 23k of climbing, 7th(?) overall, 17hr 41min and AMAZING!!!!!
10.09.12 13:30

looneysonya @missbikesalot thanks! :)
10.09.12 02:13

jeffkerkove 2nd at the Vapor Trail 125!! Tostado took win and new course record!!
09.09.12 18:40

jeffkerkove Chill out time behind Absolute Bikes hours before the Vapor Trail 125 start. @ Salida Rivers Edge
09.09.12 00:11

namrita_k Sweeping the last finisher..also winner of the @terrapinbeerco turtle award
08.09.12 23:06

jeffkerkove Colors happening now!
08.09.12 22:15

looneysonya New blog post: Vapor Pre-Race Ramblings
08.09.12 19:28

looneysonya Follow the Vapor Trail 125 here: Live tracking!! The race starts at 10 PM MST tonight. I'm hoping to do it in ~ 16.5
08.09.12 18:15

jeffkerkove Wasting time prior to the Vapor Trail 125 start. Drooling over '13 @Pure_Cycling bikes!
08.09.12 16:57

looneysonya Vapor Trail Mantra "I can do this. I am strong. I will get to the finish line."
08.09.12 16:26

looneysonya @eleteaddin Vapor Trail 125!
08.09.12 16:01

namrita_k @55nine Some of the 50 mi racers are about to get lapped #FG100
08.09.12 15:05

looneysonya It's slightly intimidating that I am not going to bed tonight... instead I'm getting on my bike and riding all night and part of tomorrow.
08.09.12 14:08

namrita_k Lots of @TWINSIX jerseys out here today #FG100
08.09.12 14:01

namrita_k @55nine @bigbikesmedia Ben S. and Brian toone
08.09.12 13:54

namrita_k @55nine Carey lowery in 1st then heather Holmes in the 50 women #FG100
08.09.12 13:19

namrita_k Sounds like Ben S passed Toone on the Winding Stair descent #FG100
08.09.12 13:19

namrita_k Doug jenne leading @teamdicky in the 50ss #FG100
08.09.12 13:19

namrita_k Sornson 15s back from Carey #FG100
08.09.12 12:56

namrita_k @55nine out on course at bottom of first steep descent. It's WET out here! #FG100
08.09.12 11:42

looneysonya @rickggaribay everything in moderation :)
08.09.12 03:41

looneysonya @amywaKing do it!'n
08.09.12 03:41

looneysonya @perfect_circles I chose my words tactfully :)
08.09.12 03:41

looneysonya Hi sweetie!!!
08.09.12 03:31

namrita_k #fg100 preview
08.09.12 03:24

namrita_k @Cyclingnewsfeed um...not schalk
08.09.12 03:22

looneysonya @upslope Foreign Style Stout. Because I can't have a beer tomorrow night. :)
08.09.12 01:55

looneysonya Finally got to @upslope in North Boulder! Love their beer, glad to get it straight from the tit!
08.09.12 01:44

looneysonya Prepping my drop bag for the Vapor Trail tomorrow... bringing all kinds of stuff *just in case* A lot can happen...
08.09.12 00:33

looneysonya @gest24 Willy Wonka should make a candy out of it!
07.09.12 22:21

looneysonya Officially registered for @MTBAyiti Stage race in Haiti at the end of Jan. Trail building, bringing adventure tourism to a poor country.!
07.09.12 22:21

looneysonya Cruising brown ribbons
07.09.12 21:31

namrita_k Getting geared up for #fg100
07.09.12 19:45

jeffkerkove The boonies of Eagle,CO. #fromwhereKJpees @ The boonies
07.09.12 17:14

looneysonya Pumpkin beer tastings!!! RT @LiquorMart Don't miss this Pumpkin Beer Mixed 12-pack exclusive offer!
07.09.12 14:17

looneysonya The precious things I miss for my love of bike racing. @AveryBrewingCo , well done. #hophead #missingIPAfest #VT125
07.09.12 02:20

looneysonya Love my home!!!
07.09.12 02:02

jeffkerkove Night assault on Beaver Creek! @ Beaver Creek Ski Resort
07.09.12 02:00

looneysonya @hoovis since when do you complain about half naked chicks?!?! Hahaha!!
07.09.12 00:13

looneysonya Taking care of my children today before they get in more trouble!
07.09.12 00:11

looneysonya @hoovis Water and oil... I don't now, that's just what they wanted to do. It's awkward having someone put oil on you and spray H20! ;)
07.09.12 00:07

jeffkerkove Just need to move up here. @ Loveland Pass
06.09.12 23:57

looneysonya The word...and the @Cyclepassion photos are out. @DenverWestword had an interview with me yesterday. Check it out!
06.09.12 18:09

jeffkerkove @jasonhilimire Yes. It's a 2-part carbon leaf-spring design. Seat always stays level during impact(s). It's 200 gr, comes in a 27.2, $250
06.09.12 15:57

jeffkerkove It's road designed/inspired, but think the demand will be from the HT mtb crowd. #Ergon #seatpost
06.09.12 15:52

looneysonya @thequeenofpain @mtbachelor @specializedwmn GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06.09.12 14:57

jeffkerkove Proofing @interbike catalogs this AM prior to giving the printer the OK to print.
06.09.12 14:55

looneysonya I'm excited to FINALLY go to the @upslope tap room with @MjSmoot tonight. I buy their beer, but haven't been to the horse's mouth yet!
06.09.12 14:19

looneysonya Race Report is up for Dakota Five-0!
06.09.12 14:13

looneysonya Vapor Trail is in 2 days. AHHH!!! I hope I'm ready!
06.09.12 13:25

namrita_k Evening sweat. Gotta fit in the workout. @sfattoclothing @ergon_intl @teamtopeakergon
06.09.12 01:14

looneysonya Palisade Peaches....sooooooo juicy, sweet, and good. YUMMMM
06.09.12 00:58

looneysonya @joshcarlson86 @OregonEnduro GOOO!!!
06.09.12 00:53

jeffkerkove The last weekend of September will be BIG with the @levisgranfondo on Saturday and the Tamarancho Dirt Classic XC on Sunday! #survival #ouch
05.09.12 23:52

jeffkerkove Wider is indeed better! @RitcheyLogic WCS Carbon 2X Trail Bar
05.09.12 23:06

jeffkerkove Proper @interbike footwear has been obtained via @adidasoriginals
05.09.12 20:35

jeffkerkove Gave my 2¢ in the latest issue of @XXCmag in the "A Racer's Diet" article. Lots of good stuff in this issue!
05.09.12 19:49

jeffkerkove @Jittery_Wheel Looks worse that it is. Nose is down 2 degree, which rocks sit bones forward which = more power per pedal stroke #WN
05.09.12 19:28

jeffkerkove Bike is dialed for 125 miles of backcountry racing at this weekends Vapor Trail 125!
05.09.12 18:37

looneysonya Slightly intimidating that my race this weekend will use this! (so you can follow 16-18 hour race
05.09.12 18:26

jeffkerkove @bobbyknight_ Haha! Try not to think about that. #knockonwood weather looking perfect for Sat and Sun!
05.09.12 14:48

jeffkerkove @Bwelnak Agree!
05.09.12 14:35

jeffkerkove @Bwelnak Yes sir! Race roster here: Going to be FAST field!!
05.09.12 14:33

jeffkerkove Vapor Trail 125 is this weekend! Can't wait!!
05.09.12 14:25

looneysonya Starting to make my race wish list for 2013. Do Epic Shit!!!
05.09.12 13:53

looneysonya "Risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing." - Leo Buscaglia
05.09.12 13:22

looneysonya @CFtheMantis hahaha!! That's hilarious! :). Uncle D!!!
05.09.12 05:08

jeffkerkove Drooling over @Pure_Cycling Eurobike highlights! Check the 2013 rides!
05.09.12 00:37

looneysonya "Life has no limitations, except the ones you make." - Les Brown
04.09.12 23:33

looneysonya Dream BIG with a fearless heart!!!
04.09.12 20:12

looneysonya Skipping coffee and grabbing @frs this afternoon. I've been tired today!
04.09.12 19:46

looneysonya @brentharrell @TrueBS interesting... :)
04.09.12 19:38

jeffkerkove @JeffCospolich Sure does!! Might race it at the Vapor Trail 125 ;)
03.09.12 19:38

jeffkerkove Lifts at @vailmtn shut down due to weather. Waiting it out...hope to get few runs in on the 6" travel @Pure_Cycling Strive!
03.09.12 19:23

looneysonya All the gas stations in Torrington, WY are so old school! Wow.... Like going back in time!
03.09.12 17:00

looneysonya "he can leap about... Look at the bones!". Menacing @twinsix jackalope
03.09.12 15:04

looneysonya If they run out of cups, what choice do we have? @twinsix awards party yesterday
03.09.12 15:01

looneysonya Epic battles in the Strider Bike races at th Dakota Five-0 yesterday!
03.09.12 14:59

looneysonya 2nd today with a flat and shifting issues... That's the way it goes sometimes! I still had a fun time! Dakota Five-0 course rocks!
02.09.12 21:19

jeffkerkove Earning the down thru the aspens of Beaver Creek
02.09.12 21:08

jeffkerkove Late afternoon coffee kick.
01.09.12 22:57

namrita_k Today was a first..missed the start of my race by ~5min. Oops. That made for a painful first couple miles.
01.09.12 22:24

looneysonya New blog post!
01.09.12 22:23

looneysonya Just posted a photo
01.09.12 21:47

looneysonya @missbikesalot Good luck with the rest of it! HSB!
01.09.12 21:34

looneysonya @econoJer Thanks!
01.09.12 20:58

looneysonya @yh_beruf Sure
01.09.12 20:58

looneysonya Wicked fun trails in South Dakota! Can't wait to hammer out 50 miles at the Dakota Five-0 tomorrow morning!
01.09.12 20:31

jeffkerkove @kjarchow flower surfing at 9800 ft @ Meadow Mountain
01.09.12 18:19

jeffkerkove The summit of Meadow Mountain. @ Meadow Mountain
01.09.12 18:15

jeffkerkove @Photo_John Yes, for sure at @Interbike
31.08.12 22:32

jeffkerkove Uphill bicycle practice on Vail mountain. #rain #5kday #earnthedown
31.08.12 22:12

jeffkerkove The Grand Traverse. @ Back Bowls at Vail
31.08.12 19:57

jeffkerkove Rolling into the mountain office before the Holiday weekend kicks off. Work now. @ Loaded Joe's Coffeehouse
31.08.12 17:06

looneysonya Crazy smoke today in boulder from the Larimer County and Nebraska fires! So much smoke I thought we were having another one near town!!
31.08.12 17:01

jeffkerkove @Photo_John @looneysonya Sorry, nope. Heading back to the Vapor Trail 125 this year
31.08.12 16:38

looneysonya @Photo_John @jeffkerkove no, sadly :(
31.08.12 05:13

looneysonya @mjsmoot was just saying how all the guys are going to wish February was a leap year next year. haha! @Cyclepassion
31.08.12 01:52

looneysonya The @Cyclepassion calendar went live at Eurobike today. Yikes! I'm February and September. :) :) February is my fav pic of the two.
30.08.12 20:59

looneysonya Today's intention in yoga this morning was "Patience." I find myself coming back to that often. It is so hard to be patient sometimes!
30.08.12 20:48

looneysonya @MtnBikeRadio excuse me :) FAT bike!
30.08.12 18:38

looneysonya @ericbikeco I like Gimme All Your Loving and Sharp Dressed Man!
30.08.12 16:31

looneysonya @teamdicky I have to be at Interbike :(
30.08.12 16:30

jeffkerkove Long time coming!! RT: @Topeak_Intl Look what was spotted at Eurobike 2012! #racedaytoolbox
30.08.12 14:58

jeffkerkove Need a tough 40-mile mtb race the weekend of Sept 15? Check out the "40 In The Fort" held on the trails I train on:
30.08.12 14:57

jeffkerkove @looneysonya There is the "40 In The Fort" up here in FC the weekend after the VT 125: #toughasshit #climbing #techy
30.08.12 14:22

looneysonya Snowbike. Want. I did a "snowbike" race on a regular mtb this past winter...but super phat tires are very appealing!
30.08.12 14:21

looneysonya @GrizzlyAdam Do you think it's too much the weekend after Vapor? I'll get shelled!!
30.08.12 14:21

looneysonya @bryanh208 I would love to! It's on my list of races, but it's during Interbike. #gottaWork
30.08.12 14:21

looneysonya I can't help it, I love ZZ Top!!
30.08.12 01:11

jeffkerkove Amazing video showcasing the high mtn stages (18,000 ft) of the Yak-Attack back in March
29.08.12 23:15

jeffkerkove 3 hrs of fun bike junk miles with the @pure_cycling Strive on Devils Backbone west of Fort Collins.
29.08.12 20:30

looneysonya @GrizzlyAdam That's a possibility! I'll be blown from the Vapor, but I'll think about it :) Thanks!
29.08.12 19:32

looneysonya @rfeagan That looks super rad, but too close to la ruta ;) Maybe next year! Thanks!
29.08.12 19:31

looneysonya @uponward Another great race interfering with @interbike I would kill to race nationals there this year!
29.08.12 19:31

looneysonya @heythorp I'd love to do Pisgah but it interferes with @interbike .. boo
29.08.12 19:30

looneysonya I'm looking for fall mountain bike endurance events. Suggestions... Anyone? Bueller?
29.08.12 16:18

jeffkerkove @jordanhmay I don't have high-res image at this time. Sorry
29.08.12 15:53

jeffkerkove @MelloYelloBro Not available in USA....yet. No dealers. They sell consumer direct only.
29.08.12 15:53

jeffkerkove A look at the 2013 @Pure_Cycling @TeamTopeakErgon carbon 29er!
29.08.12 15:38

jeffkerkove Last nights Lory Mnt Park Challenge XC file now uploaded to @Strava Fueled by @FRS
29.08.12 14:51

looneysonya @thequeenofpain @jeffkerkove @trainright @la_ruta I like playing in the mud! Some women pay tons of money for mud spa treatments :). Lol
29.08.12 13:51

jeffkerkove @trainright @looneysonya @La_Ruta I heard it will be dry this year. No? Either way, can't wait!!!!
29.08.12 03:02

jeffkerkove Took the "W" in the Pro/Open race at the Lory Park XC tonight. What stands out is the Ciclismo Youth Foundation rider who came in 2nd!
29.08.12 02:23

jeffkerkove Time to taste my soul at the Lory Mountain Park Challenge XC! @ Lory State Park
28.08.12 23:39

looneysonya @trainright @La_Ruta Yaaaay!! See you there!
28.08.12 23:18

jeffkerkove Have the 2013 @Ergon_Intl catalog sitting in front of me. Seriously cannot wait to share all the new goods for 2013 with you all! #amazing
28.08.12 20:52

looneysonya @HimalayaQuest What do you mean? Some of us act like teenagers the rest of our life :)
28.08.12 17:33

looneysonya Always a great reminder, "Keep it positive." Thanks JM!
28.08.12 17:33

jeffkerkove This is the future of mtbing racing right now; enduro races:
28.08.12 17:09

jeffkerkove Spied at Eurobike: designed by @Ergon_Intl this stem, h'bar, and grip combo was raced by Ira at the London Olympics:
28.08.12 15:24

looneysonya Oh snap! Just got to see my @cyclepassion photos for the 2013 calendar. Finally! You'll have to wait... :)
28.08.12 13:28

looneysonya New blog post: Oregon Love
28.08.12 13:23

looneysonya 3 hours of that(from google reader), and I now have June 2011-present on the new site. Lots more to go. #patience #worth it
28.08.12 06:00

looneysonya Wow, that was epic. My website crashed a couple weeks ago. Slowly recovering posts and re-entering them. Copy/paste individually.
28.08.12 05:59

looneysonya @missbikesalot Heck yes we can!! :)
28.08.12 05:58

looneysonya Super stoked to get back to yoga after nearly 2 months away. Safe to say, my hips need some serious work #waytootight #flexibility?
28.08.12 02:31

looneysonya @Raleighs_Sally @CarbonDrive Heard lots of good stuff about Gates! Still not sure if I'm going chain or belt...I want to try both!
28.08.12 02:31

looneysonya @bike2eat I would love to, but it's during Interbike. SO many great races during Interbike this year. boooo
28.08.12 02:30

jeffkerkove Bummed! Furious 3 - Moab Stage Race just got canceled due to low registration numbers. Now onto Plan B.....
27.08.12 22:53

looneysonya @uptonic You? At Ozo? Never!! :)
27.08.12 22:17

looneysonya AHHH! Super bummer! I was signed up for the Furious 3 Moab Stage Race, but it got cancelled due to lack of entrants. FAIL!
27.08.12 22:15

looneysonya @uptonic YES! I'm hoping to be riding it soon :) I just need to finish getting parts!
27.08.12 22:15

looneysonya @jordanhmay I already have the frame... I just need to buy parts! I got a @misfitpsycles super badass black frame.
27.08.12 22:09

looneysonya Hey crazy SSers! I need knowledge... tell me about belt drive. Tell me what to buy!! What's good?
27.08.12 21:59

namrita_k @kfordham281 on the chicken burger. so. freaking. good.
27.08.12 21:32

jeffkerkove That was a fun lunch ride! #ergon #canyon #bigbike #fortcollins
27.08.12 19:48

looneysonya I'm still super impressed with @BeyondCoastal sunscreen. Stuff is awesome!
27.08.12 18:13

jeffkerkove Tickets booked for @La_Ruta Can't wait to to take on this super tough event!!
27.08.12 17:11

looneysonya Can't wait to do my first mountain bike ride in Colorado since June! First mountain bike ride cast free too, but still wearing a ride brace
27.08.12 15:48

looneysonya @bobwassell thanks! Probably 80-85%
27.08.12 15:33

looneysonya Hmmm, almost September? I should look and see when CO CX starts!! And maybe practice! Nicole Duke has a @FasCat clinic soon too!
27.08.12 14:13

namrita_k I *need* the recipe for @farmburger kale slaw. Anyone??
27.08.12 02:37

namrita_k @kfordham281 I haven't tried it yet either! Same owners as JCT, I think.
27.08.12 02:34

namrita_k @josedcrespo I bet you will. Enjoy the trip!
27.08.12 02:33

jeffkerkove Thanks to all who made this possible!! #ergon #sram #DTSwiss #Magura #Ritchey #Topeak #Continental #Canyon #
27.08.12 00:19

namrita_k @kfordham281 Have you been to the Optimist yet?
27.08.12 00:08

namrita_k @kfordham281 @foundersbrewing It is damn good :)
27.08.12 00:08

namrita_k @josedcrespo Bear Creek Overlook in Ellijay, GA :)
27.08.12 00:06

namrita_k Mandatory overlook shot
26.08.12 23:06

namrita_k Better them than me. Fun seeing the leaders out there today, though.
26.08.12 22:26

namrita_k @endurofit no..good?
26.08.12 18:55

jeffkerkove INSANE!!!!!!!! @ Flagstaff finish of the US Pro Challenge
25.08.12 22:20

looneysonya People outside Amante to watch the ProTour go by
25.08.12 19:10

jeffkerkove Today's inGAMBA route; ouch!!! @ Millennium Harvest House Boulder
25.08.12 16:19

jeffkerkove Heading out with @ingambatours here in Boulder to sample the dirt road u @ Millennium Harvest House Boulder
25.08.12 16:14

looneysonya @jpride Hope your back feels better!
25.08.12 12:50

jeffkerkove Tasting the rainbow at 11 pm in Boulder @ Safeway
25.08.12 04:54

looneysonya Haven't had time to ride this week. It's freaking killing me. :(
24.08.12 21:27

jeffkerkove Hoosier Pass after the the #uspro has gone thru @ Hoosier Pass
24.08.12 18:20

jeffkerkove White water trials riding in Breckenridge! @ Blue River Plaza
24.08.12 17:42

looneysonya Universe wants to play ball. I like this. :)
24.08.12 17:01

looneysonya @Raleighs_Sally @TSuperAwesome I need that hat!
24.08.12 16:43

jeffkerkove Friday mobile office. @ Cuppa Joe
24.08.12 16:20

jeffkerkove Breckenridge. US Pro Challenge. Stage 5 start line. @ Breckenridge Welcome Center
24.08.12 16:08

looneysonya @Raleighs_Sally @TSuperAwesome Yeah...not intimidated, Sally... pshhh
24.08.12 15:35

jeffkerkove @Mensinger 29er HT rides like the 26er fully....but faster and more efficient.
24.08.12 03:42

jeffkerkove @JeffCospolich Yep, just over 13k. Just ate a ton at Park & Main in Breck. Love that place!!!
24.08.12 03:37

jeffkerkove Psssst, Hey @doubletreebreck It's 2012. Hotels stopped charging for wifi a loooooong time ago. #lame #neverstayhereagain #uspro
24.08.12 03:36

jeffkerkove @JeffCospolich Rode Breck....Hoosier...Mosquito...Leadville....Fremont....Breck
24.08.12 01:01

jeffkerkove Pass 3 of 3. Pouring rain to end the day. 7 hrs in saddle and 8k of vertical. #blown
24.08.12 00:35

looneysonya @looneysonya @TSuperAwesome @Raleighs_Sally Glitter canon is essential for unicorns. Is 10/21 a good one?
23.08.12 22:58

looneysonya Cast is OFF!!!! Hell yeah!!! And sweet new tan lines....
23.08.12 21:49

jeffkerkove Rain dropping south of Leadville @ Hwy 24
23.08.12 20:46

looneysonya @Raleighs_Sally @mfgcross ahhhhahahaha! You? Full frontal? Maybe I should think twice about Seattle CX after all! :)
23.08.12 19:04

looneysonya Survived the trip in my suitcase! @Ninkasi
23.08.12 16:46

jeffkerkove Pit stop in Leadville. @ City On A Hill Coffee & Espesso
23.08.12 16:25

looneysonya IMBA World Summit: Come on out!
23.08.12 16:22

looneysonya Excited to be a guest on a panel at the IMBA World Summit in Santa Fe and to go to seminars, and party and ride with people for 3 days! Info
23.08.12 16:22

jeffkerkove Pass number 2 of 3 for the day. #ergon #uspro #Intheclouds @ Mosquito Pass - 13,185 ft
23.08.12 15:52

looneysonya It is a little disorienting to wake up in your own bed after being on the road and in different places for a week. Home sweet Boulder!
23.08.12 14:44

jeffkerkove 1 pass down. Two to go! #uspro #ergon #3passloop @ Hoosier Pass
23.08.12 13:58

jeffkerkove 3-Pass ride happening today to catch part of the US Pro Challenge. Pics coming! #uspro
23.08.12 12:11

looneysonya @gest24 Check out the Ergon shopping cart on the website.
23.08.12 06:20

looneysonya @BPRQuail Quailman! I found your next stage race! I just signed up for Moab!
23.08.12 06:19

looneysonya @eleteaddin and noooo cramping in 2013! :D (or ever, really!)
23.08.12 01:13

looneysonya @del_wyn29er love it!!! I am a hunka burning love :) lol
23.08.12 01:13

looneysonya Super stoked that @tomdanielson took the win today!!
23.08.12 01:03

looneysonya It may be time to bring my CX cape and @TSuperAwesome Unicorn to the Pacific NW for some races. Beta? Which one? @Raleighs_Sally ?
23.08.12 01:00

looneysonya At the airport enjoying a glass of bday red. On my way home from Oregon!
23.08.12 00:43

jeffkerkove Mad respect for you Mr @tomdanielson #RESPECT
22.08.12 21:15

jeffkerkove Having done a few training rides with @tomdanielson near Boulder, he can go downhill just as fast as he goes up. #droppinglikearock #winning
22.08.12 20:46

jeffkerkove 2.5 hrs in the saddle on Ft Collins singletrack....wash it all down with a little @FRS Protein. #recovery #training
22.08.12 18:55

jeffkerkove Ft. Collins chunk and funk. @ Devils Backbone
22.08.12 17:19

jeffkerkove The trouble you run into on the Ft Collins trails. @ Blue Sky Trail
22.08.12 16:59

looneysonya Bday coffee :)
22.08.12 16:08

namrita_k I've been highly productive working since 4am. I wonder if I will pay for that later....
22.08.12 10:57

jeffkerkove Stoked on 4th in the Pro/Open race at the Lory XC races tonight! Ergon riders go 2nd, 3rd @ Lory State Park
22.08.12 02:34

jeffkerkove Suffered like a dog at the Lory XC tonight, took 4th overall! @Ergon_Intl riders go 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!! #awesometraining
22.08.12 02:09

jeffkerkove Lory XC races are ON! I will suffer like a dog. @ Lory State Park
21.08.12 23:23

jeffkerkove Tejay drops us in Ft Collins group rides....and he drops them at the #USAPRO. Great to see him riding strong!
21.08.12 21:32

jeffkerkove 14ers and bikes...going to see how well they mix. #adventure #mtb #ergon #looksgoodonpaper
21.08.12 20:58

looneysonya Stumptown Roasters.
21.08.12 18:48

jeffkerkove Is the weekend here yet? I gots me a plan!
21.08.12 16:28

looneysonya Her beauty was tempting, but I escaped her grasp with only a photo.
21.08.12 15:41

looneysonya Day 2... shop visits PDX! First day in awhile I didn't wake up early and ride before work. It felt good to sleep :)
21.08.12 15:29

looneysonya @BPRQuail Super awesome! I love it. That's why I love mountain biking. It makes me feel SO alive!
21.08.12 15:27

jeffkerkove @YourGroupRide I'm in! Going after the suffer monster...going to see what this red lining is all about #XC #paincave
21.08.12 14:51

looneysonya @mrmrnm yep! It'll be time consuming but better than lost!
21.08.12 04:27

jeffkerkove Waiting on the @RockShox Lyrik, then the @Pure_Cycling Strive will be complete!! Can't wait!
21.08.12 02:44

jeffkerkove Finally, the @USAProChallenge feed is working!!
20.08.12 19:52

jeffkerkove @BrandonNewcomer @grizzlyadam @USAProChallenge This is all I get on the MacBook when I click the tracker link
20.08.12 19:25

jeffkerkove @BrandonNewcomer Doesn't work on a MacBook...only ipad and iphone
20.08.12 17:14

jeffkerkove Bummed there is no LIVE computer vid feed this year of the @USAProChallenge
20.08.12 17:03

looneysonya Shop visits in Eugene, then heading up to PDX!
20.08.12 14:09

looneysonya @Haywoodyah that sounds awesome!!! No, I haven't tried it!
20.08.12 14:09

looneysonya I'm such a salsa snob!
20.08.12 04:44

namrita_k @endurofit sweet! Thx!
20.08.12 01:42

looneysonya Must sample small batch and special release @ninkasi #myrules
20.08.12 00:45

looneysonya Yesterday, Singletrack Heaven. Today, beervana at one of my Oregon favorites! @Ninkasi
20.08.12 00:43

namrita_k @endurofit yes, did you like it?
20.08.12 00:08

namrita_k Great weekend in Blue Ridge, GA
19.08.12 22:26

jeffkerkove Unpacking from a 2 week road trip. Not long until the next one. #tistheseason
19.08.12 21:34

jeffkerkove JK and KJ sized coffees. #lovebreakfast @ Northside Coffee & Kitchen
19.08.12 15:18

looneysonya @SDVeloSocial At straight up legit A&W fast food joint. I got weird looks when I walked in, in my chamois all sweaty. ;)
19.08.12 04:11

looneysonya @BPRQuail @MatthewEwonus Second, come back real soon! Both of you!! There are so many great trails, food, beer, views... the works! :)
19.08.12 04:11

looneysonya @BPRQuail @MatthewEwonus Ok. First... I do not approve of PBR. Next time you come to CO, I'll teach you about real CO beers. :)
19.08.12 04:10

looneysonya Singletrack heaven!!! Tire Mtn Trail. Oakridge, OR
19.08.12 01:00

looneysonya @cyclingcaptured If I had that option, I'd be alll over it! :)
19.08.12 00:57

looneysonya @bravo32053 Tomorrow afternoon. Still at MTB Oregon
19.08.12 00:28

looneysonya What's better than a post ride root beer? I post ride root beer float! ahhhh yeahhh!
19.08.12 00:27

looneysonya Caw!
18.08.12 17:38

looneysonya @MatthewEwonus @BPRQuail @brasil_ride I hope to go back next year. It's really hard, and really awesome. Some stages are 90 miles!!
18.08.12 14:49

looneysonya @MatthewEwonus argh, I miss yoga. can't wait to go back!! Lulu does make asses look divine all over the world ;) Namaste, now let me sue!
18.08.12 14:25

looneysonya Hopefully it rains just enough for hero dirt today. Raining in Oakridge, but supposed to clear out. Ergon Booth, then exploration today!
18.08.12 14:23

looneysonya @BPRQuail @MatthewEwonus Stage 7 is mega beer consumption. I think Breck Epic has the best post race party... that and @brasil_ride
18.08.12 14:21

looneysonya @BPRQuail @MatthewEwonus Yeah!!! Hope to see you both soon! Quail - if you need more beta on CO rides/races, let me know!! #tipoftheiceberg
18.08.12 14:20

looneysonya @SteveGarfinkel @djscene He rocks live!!! I've only seen him once, but I'm trying to make it happen again!! So worth it!
18.08.12 04:30

looneysonya @pgball @BigBikesMedia @BreckEpic @misfitpsycles @jeffkerkove Yeah, Peter start getting physical pretty soon. Rough his ass up!!!
18.08.12 04:13

looneysonya @SteveGarfinkel @djscene Hell yeah! Stoked! I
18.08.12 04:13

looneysonya @jasper9 @pgball @BigBikesMedia @breckepic @misfitpsycles @jeffkerkove I can't believe I'm missing the Breck Epic afterparty. BOOOO HISS!
18.08.12 04:12

looneysonya This scene was the highlight of my day. Salmon Falls Campground. Amazingly brilliant water, and it was COLD!
18.08.12 04:11

looneysonya I had fun both working AND riding in Oakridge today. Beautiful!
18.08.12 04:10

jeffkerkove Stage 7 of the Breck-Epic. @ Gold Pan Saloon
18.08.12 04:05

looneysonya @BigBikesMedia @BreckEpic jealous!
18.08.12 03:26

jeffkerkove This is the @BreckEpic banjo playing course markings.
17.08.12 19:22

looneysonya One day in Bend is not enough, but Oakridge is waiting for me. Off to work at Mountain Bike Oregon!
17.08.12 13:19

looneysonya Thanks to my friend, @jordanhmay for his sweet blog post! It's true, I do like belt buckles! :)
17.08.12 13:18

looneysonya @bugpack66 It crashed, but I have a new one up. Check it:
17.08.12 13:17

looneysonya @hoovis actually no coffee at all, just a beer last night :). That's what happens when I sit at a bar alone! Need entertainment! Hehe
17.08.12 12:45

looneysonya @sportsdenverCO whoa whoa whoa!! I wouldn't go that far' :)
17.08.12 04:31

looneysonya Upon closer inspection, dude has a baseball cap under his cowboy hat. Haha!
17.08.12 04:31

looneysonya True story. Dude in huge white cowboy hat and a tank top that says "suns out guns out". The sun is down, and I see no guns! #makefunofpeople
17.08.12 04:23

looneysonya @TedTaylor3 Mrazek but it was tough to find!!
17.08.12 04:21

looneysonya Face deep in my first elk burger. No wonder people hunt these things. DELISH !!!! #meat
17.08.12 04:21

looneysonya Special Belgian IPA at @deschutesbeer Pub! Today is a great day!
17.08.12 04:09

looneysonya Mrazek Trail in Bend! Smoother than CO dirt roads! Stoked to ride trail again
17.08.12 04:08

looneysonya @BPRQuail Breck is one of my favorite places on earth to ride!!! Glad you're enjoying it!! :)
17.08.12 03:42

looneysonya Beautiful 3 hour evening rmtn ride in onward to @DeschutesBeer Pub downtown for food and adult soda!
17.08.12 03:38

looneysonya @BPRQuail Damn the sidewall!!! What'd you think of the stage? That and Guyot are my fav. You're in for a treat tomorrow w/ Gold Dust!!
17.08.12 03:27

looneysonya @mufcfanbowie B/c I strip out bolts ;) And sometimes stuff comes loose too! I don't have the magic touch, so I need the help!
17.08.12 03:27

jeffkerkove Late night ice cream run. #stagerace #hungermonster #breckepic @ City Market
17.08.12 03:18

namrita_k I wish I was racing in NH this weekend or at MTB Oregon. Well..I guess school had to start sometime..goodbye summer fun.
16.08.12 23:29

looneysonya Thanks to @performance_inc for the sweet post @LTRaceSeries race interview! My 2 cents:
16.08.12 22:29

looneysonya @performance_inc frickin aweosme, thanks!
16.08.12 22:28

looneysonya I love torque wrenches...TRUTH! This one is the best for traveling with bikes! @Topeak_Intl LOVE IT!
16.08.12 22:28

jeffkerkove Documented riders pushing up to Wheeler pass today at the @BreckEpic Pushing is part of the game.
16.08.12 19:23

looneysonya @eddiemetro @LTRaceSeries Good luck! I want to do the Leadwoman next time, but running 100 miles is burly. Knock em dead!
16.08.12 18:27

looneysonya Leadville 100 Race Report is now up! @LTRaceSeries #LT100
16.08.12 17:43

looneysonya New blog post: @mtnbikeradio #interview
16.08.12 16:14

looneysonya Radiance! #nofilter
16.08.12 15:53

looneysonya Bend is always a place I think I could live if I had to leave CO. My favorite thing this morning is the smell of fragrant pine in the air!
16.08.12 15:36

jeffkerkove Riding up to Wheeler Pass this AM for the @BreckEpic Likely one of the best stages of any stage race on the planet!! #12k #high #alpine
16.08.12 13:02

looneysonya @TedTaylor3 @Ergon_Intl AND local beer :)
16.08.12 03:38

looneysonya @TedTaylor3 Howdeee! Shop visits in Bend tomorrow, then working the @Ergon_Intl booth at Mountain Bike Oregon in Oakridge this weekend!
16.08.12 03:36

looneysonya Flight to Bend delayed... sitting in PDX with a glass of red getting some work done. It's actually relaxing! Going to be a late night!
16.08.12 03:28

looneysonya @MatthewEwonus @BPRQuail GO QUAILMAN!
16.08.12 03:28

looneysonya @BPRQuail @MatthewEwonus Keep it up! Wheeler Stage is fricking awesome and brutal. Get ready for hike a bike and a long, techy descent!
16.08.12 03:28

jeffkerkove Quick! Need 5 Umpa Lumpas that are willing to crawl up to Wheeler and survive at 12k to distribute chocolate to @BreckEpic racers tomorrow.
16.08.12 01:52

looneysonya Cool sculpture at DIA
15.08.12 23:06

jeffkerkove Ouch! Stage 4 of the @BreckEpic was tough, as expected! Look for a video recap later in the day. That last climb was ridiculous!!! #steep
15.08.12 22:17

jeffkerkove 5 hrs in the saddle = this sandwich @ Park & Main
15.08.12 22:05

looneysonya @mattlanning Yeah!! I did the CreamPuff a few years ago. Stellar riding!
15.08.12 17:41

looneysonya @mattlanning I'll try... I still have my cast on! I'm going to "cheat" and ride the easier trails. :) I can't resist!!! haha
15.08.12 17:36

looneysonya Packing up again, bike box is out again too. Getting on a plane to Oregon this afternoon (Work trip & @Ergon_Intl expo at MBO)
15.08.12 17:06

looneysonya @agsFonseca Thanks for listening!
15.08.12 16:03

looneysonya @Strava_doper nahhh, Ben is really cool!! Thanks for tuning in.
15.08.12 16:03

looneysonya and we are live!! LIsten in!
15.08.12 15:00

looneysonya Tune in here in 45 minutes for my interview with Mountain Bike Radio (9 AM MST):
15.08.12 14:11

looneysonya @BrickhouseMTB ;)
15.08.12 04:15

looneysonya Mountain Bike Radio interview has been rescheduled. Tune in TOMORROW (Wed) at 9 AM, or listen to the recording after!
15.08.12 03:34

looneysonya @BigBikesMedia @timjohnsoncx Andrea Wilson doesn't know shit about Johnsons!!!! Especially big ones.
15.08.12 03:11

jeffkerkove Handing out Skittles at 12,000 ft at the @BreckEpic today, check the vid!
15.08.12 01:47

namrita_k @anndunawayteh frozen strawberries (thawed) with vanilla, flaxseed, and almond meat (left over from making homemade almond milk)!
15.08.12 00:51

looneysonya @BPRQuail @MatthewEwonus Colorado Trail = my true love. We have our ups and downs, but I always come back. I always have to be on it. ;)
14.08.12 23:16

looneysonya @jordanhmay @CrossVegas @Ergon_Intl The question is... @TSuperAwesome unicorn kit, or the full on Robin costume? Other additions? :)
14.08.12 23:15

looneysonya That's it, officially registered for Pro Women @CrossVegas I'll be blown from standing at the @Ergon_Intl booth, but BRING IT. Cape incl!
14.08.12 23:03

jeffkerkove Today was fun!! @BreckEpic
14.08.12 22:25

looneysonya @CrossVegas Hey! How do I go about getting an entry into the pro women's CX race? Thanks :)
14.08.12 22:19

looneysonya @morga_deth HAHAHA! THAT is classic!
14.08.12 22:13

looneysonya @carsonchristen toot toot, beep beep!
14.08.12 22:12

jeffkerkove @ethanmillstein They say it's faster and lighter. #toeachtheirown
14.08.12 21:57

jeffkerkove @ethanmillstein Alban and Robert on tubes. Everyone else tubeless.
14.08.12 21:54

looneysonya One of my favorite things is to hear my grandparents' voices on the phone. I'm so lucky to still have them both!
14.08.12 21:42

jeffkerkove @BreckEpic French Pass pics:
14.08.12 20:44

looneysonya @Sarahlevy @mix1051 I'm yours!! ;)
14.08.12 17:30

jeffkerkove Last of the @breckepic racers on French Pass. Time to ride ba @ In The Saddle Between Mt Baldy and Mt Guyot
14.08.12 17:25

namrita_k Nice! “@sfattoclothing: Just a couple more weeks till the Fools Gold Adventure Run! @55nine Sfatto Worldwide”
14.08.12 17:17

looneysonya @cyclistlmt Yeah! I'll be at Interbike. I need to look into getting an entry for CX Vegas. I would LOVE to race it! :)
14.08.12 16:50

looneysonya @JimDH Hell yeah! I can get some beer reviews up! It's time to bust something out of the "cellar" right? Or maybe a top 5 of the summer!
14.08.12 16:33

looneysonya @jennfields It was the Starbucks Double Shot that nailed my coffin... you think I'd learn by now. :) (up Powerline...and then I lost time!)
14.08.12 16:33

looneysonya Thanks Derick Levy and Brian Sells for the photo! Suffering up Powerline at @LTRaceSeries #LT100. DIG! @SockGuyLUV
14.08.12 16:27

jeffkerkove Up at 12k on French Pass waiting for @breckepic racers! #ergon @ French Pass
14.08.12 15:41

looneysonya @ccrymes Another favorite is Lefthand Canyon to Ward. Mellow grade climb, but 16 miles and almost 4000' up. You can go via Lee Hill too!
14.08.12 15:04

looneysonya @ccrymes My favorite ride is Sunshine Canyon to Gold Hill. Just take Mapleton all the way. Turns to dirt but rideable on a road bike
14.08.12 15:04

looneysonya @bobwassell and really, heart rate doesn't mean a lot in terms of fitness. Everyone is different!
14.08.12 15:03

looneysonya @MatthewEwonus @BPRQuail @BreckEpic Quailman! Let us know how it goes today! Quailman is a badass superhero in my mind.
14.08.12 14:58

looneysonya @bobwassell In my younger days, my max was 215!! I haven't seen past 205 in a very long time though! :)
14.08.12 14:57

looneysonya @ccrymes are you looking for road or mountain? Definitely get coffee at @OzoCoffee and beer from @upslope and @AveryBrewingCo :)
14.08.12 14:55

looneysonya @jennfields When I puked at the #LT100, I thought of you. :) haha
14.08.12 14:49

looneysonya Like my twitter? Check out my athlete page on facebook for different content and videos!
14.08.12 14:44

looneysonya and the max is wrong. My max was 199, not 226!! and my avg before my strap died was 180 for 6 hours. Whoa altitude!
14.08.12 14:16

looneysonya Yeah...and it's the Leadville 104, not Leadville 100. A fact that is not well known :)
14.08.12 14:15

looneysonya I posted my @LTRaceSeries #LT100 file on @Strava HR is accurate for first 6 hours, then my strap fell off. PINNED!
14.08.12 14:15

namrita_k Breakfast experiment. It tastes like strawberry cheesecake.
14.08.12 12:47

looneysonya The coolest thing about the awards at Leadville? A 79 yr old man got a belt buckle. E.g. did #LT100 in <12 hours. Amazing!!
14.08.12 04:12

looneysonya Glad to be home in my own bed! Funny to think I'm sleeping at half the elevation I was at the last 5 days! #alpine #lovemountains
14.08.12 04:11

looneysonya @BPRQuail @breckepic the Quailman dominates again!!!
14.08.12 03:41

jeffkerkove Sloppy day at the @BreckEpic Time for bike work and @FRS
13.08.12 21:32

looneysonya Sorry everyone! There are some technical problems going on with the Mountain Bike Radio interview. Getting rescheduled. Will let you know
13.08.12 20:52

looneysonya @mediatemple @jordanhmay If you could get me back my website archives, that would be great. 7 years of posts on there... very bad news!
13.08.12 19:34

looneysonya @rossschnell @11 sorry about the weather... driving away from Breck, it was totally socked in!
13.08.12 19:31

looneysonya I'm doing a live interview with Mountain Bike Radio at 2:30PM (MST) It's also recorded so check it out!!!!
13.08.12 19:30

looneysonya @chloewoodruff and thanks! Hope to see you soon!
13.08.12 18:55

looneysonya @jacokeller 2 weeks left!
13.08.12 18:55

looneysonya @CwPearce @breckepic Colby, you rock!!
13.08.12 18:55

looneysonya @chloewoodruff haha LT100 is all dirt roads so no prob :). I was just going to ride one stage in Breck, not race :). Rest rest rest....
13.08.12 18:54

looneysonya Super fun working aide 1 at the @BreckEpic this morning! Wish I could have stayed and volunteered all week! Tough rainy day for racers!
13.08.12 18:51

namrita_k @mollyjhurford Funny, I have had my copy for about 3 years and haven't read it yet either.
13.08.12 13:35

looneysonya I was going to ride St 2 of the @BreckEpic but talked some sense into myself this morning. 40 miles of trail w/broken wrist. Don't do it!
13.08.12 13:13

looneysonya @kgil Thanks a lot!!!
13.08.12 13:13

looneysonya It was so great seeing a bunch of my friends finish Stage 1 of the @BreckEpic I enjoyed all the sweaty hugs. :)
13.08.12 03:52

looneysonya @JeffCospolich haha, yeah. Amusing! Great to see you today!
13.08.12 03:51

looneysonya @JeffCospolich haha, yeah. Amusing! Great to see you today!
13.08.12 03:51

looneysonya Mustache ride?
13.08.12 03:45

looneysonya Mustache ride?
13.08.12 03:45

looneysonya Breck wildflowers
13.08.12 03:44

looneysonya Breck wildflowers
13.08.12 03:44

looneysonya Stoked to take home the big buckle from @LTRaceSeries #LT100 this morning!!!
13.08.12 03:36

looneysonya @abloem @BreckEpic And riding in the back for tomorrow's stage for fun... I think the people in the back have serious grit to finish
13.08.12 03:23

looneysonya @abloem @BreckEpic I wanted to but can't race trail with a broken wrist! I did go watch the finish to support my friends!
13.08.12 03:22

looneysonya @pgball haha, thanks! Good job to you course marshaling...that is a very tough job!
13.08.12 03:22

looneysonya @jordanhmay I hate media temple. That's just a place holder for my site... going to have a sweet one in a few weeks!
13.08.12 03:22

jeffkerkove A sold out @BreckEpic Have singletrack, they will come. @ Breckenridge Ice Rink
13.08.12 03:04

looneysonya @jordanhmay Pheromones, bra!
13.08.12 02:20

looneysonya SOOO GREAT to see everyone at the @BreckEpic today! I'm going to finally ride my 29er and follow stage 2 tomorrow. shhh, don't tell my doc!
13.08.12 02:20

looneysonya @bravo32053 Feeling great!!!!
13.08.12 02:06

namrita_k @EC_CoachDan C. All of the above
12.08.12 23:32

namrita_k It was a stout that @eddieodea brought back from CT. See, this proves my point- CT does not have good beer. ;)
12.08.12 23:10

namrita_k busted my shin open when my foot popped out of my pedal today. then, at home a stout explodes in the fridge..with the door open. #notawesome
12.08.12 23:05

namrita_k @lauraomeara big congrats! You rocked it!
12.08.12 19:41

namrita_k Pedal: 1 Shin: 0
12.08.12 17:35

jeffkerkove @remarkmit supporting @KJBeti and helping out at the race
12.08.12 17:14

looneysonya Hanging at the finish of the @BreckEpic waiting for the finishers. It kills me not to race it this year! #myfavoriterace
12.08.12 17:11

jeffkerkove @pgball @looneysonya yep!
12.08.12 17:10

jeffkerkove Breck-Epic. You should all be here. @ 2012 Breck-Epic: Stage 1
12.08.12 16:20

jeffkerkove 79 yrs old. Never too old to ride or compete in the #lt100 @ Lake County High School
12.08.12 14:22

jeffkerkove Sally getting her buckle! #lt100 @ Lake County High School
12.08.12 13:51

jeffkerkove Alban and Reba, your #lt100 champions! @ Lake County High School
12.08.12 13:50

looneysonya @Laura_Tobin thanks!!
12.08.12 05:04

looneysonya Cougar portraits in Leadville bars...
12.08.12 04:37

jeffkerkove Current #LT100 champion. German BIKE media. #LT100 legend.
12.08.12 04:20

jeffkerkove Waiting on celebratory Jagermeister shots? #lt100
12.08.12 03:58

jeffkerkove Leadville bar. Euro riders not sure what to think. #lt100 @ Silver Dollar Saloon
12.08.12 03:53

looneysonya @gest24 Cherry please :)
11.08.12 22:02

namrita_k @caraapp wow!! congrats to you and A2!
11.08.12 22:01

looneysonya Finish photo! @LTRaceSeries #LT100
11.08.12 21:59

looneysonya My teammate, Alban Lakata WON the men's race at Leadville!!!!!!
11.08.12 21:46

looneysonya Also, congrats to @gouldgeorgia !!! Bronze at the Frickin Olympics!!! You are freaking incredible!
11.08.12 21:42

looneysonya Huge huge congrats to my friend, @thequeenofpain Rebecca Rusch for a other Leadville win!!! You are soooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
11.08.12 21:41

looneysonya Thanks sooooo much to the volunteers, my support crew, sponsors, and all the cheering fans! All your cheers bought tears to my eyes!
11.08.12 21:28

looneysonya 6th place with a broken wrist at @LTRaceSeries #LT100!!! I'll take it with the stacked field!
11.08.12 21:27

jeffkerkove The student and the Master. #lt100
11.08.12 20:53

jeffkerkove Sonya Looney in for either 5th or 6th at the Leadville 100 with broken wrist!! #lt100
11.08.12 20:50

jeffkerkove Sally Bigham takes 2nd overall! #lt100
11.08.12 20:08

jeffkerkove Post race chit chat. #lt100
11.08.12 19:58

jeffkerkove Robert Mennen finishes in Top 10!
11.08.12 19:30

jeffkerkove 1st and 2nd place. #lt100
11.08.12 19:14

jeffkerkove Lakata wins the Leadville 100!!! #lt100
11.08.12 19:05

jeffkerkove @looneysonya thru Pipeline Aid in 6th overall with a broken wrist!! Roughly 2 hrs of racing left!! #LT100 #HSB
11.08.12 18:16

jeffkerkove Sally Bigham thru in 3rd....trailing Pua....then Reba Rusch. #LT100
11.08.12 17:54

jeffkerkove @yukimtb thru Pipeline back to Leadville. Sitting about 14th place overall. #LT100
11.08.12 17:37

jeffkerkove Robert Mennen thru Pipeline, about 8th overall #LT100
11.08.12 17:25

jeffkerkove Alban, JB, and Sauser thru Pipeline back to Leadville. No other riders thru yet. #LT100 #biggap
11.08.12 17:17

jeffkerkove Lakata back in lead with small group. Sally in 3rd in women race...3 minutes back. No word on Robert, Yuki, or Sonya. #LT100
11.08.12 17:02

namrita_k @singletrack_com it doesn't seem to be working..
11.08.12 16:39

jeffkerkove @RoctaneUltra Last I heard thru Twitter it was Pau, Gretchen, Reba, Sally Bigham....
11.08.12 16:39

jeffkerkove BOOM!!! “@LTRaceSeries: Alban Lakata, Jeremiah Bishop and Christoph Sauser back through Twin Lakes with a large gap on field. #LT100
11.08.12 16:36

jeffkerkove Proper #LT100 race crew support t-shirt
11.08.12 16:32

jeffkerkove @LoganVB @breckepic Yes, there all week!
11.08.12 16:27

jeffkerkove Word on site is lead moto went off course with leaders early in race due to course marking sabotage #LT100
11.08.12 16:11

jeffkerkove Pipeline Aid Station is a ghost town right now. All riders are outbound at the #lt10 @ Pipeline Aid Station
11.08.12 15:57

jeffkerkove @jason_sumner No. Doing support for @KJBeti and doing some marketing pics/vid for Ergon. Little volunteer work as well. Wish I was racing!
11.08.12 15:46

jeffkerkove I'm crewing at the #LT100 now, seriously can't wait to get over to the @BreckEpic !
11.08.12 15:38

namrita_k Open water swim done. Can't wait to watch some Olympic replay action today..avoiding twitter/fb as much as possible until then! #mtb
11.08.12 15:19

jeffkerkove @ErinBishop I believe it was JB, Grant, Lakata, Mennen, and Sauser that were led off course by moto #LT100 #thatiswhatiwastold
11.08.12 15:02

jeffkerkove There was small reroute prior to Pipeline Aid station. Lead moto took top-4 riders off course by mistake. Alban and Robert effected. #LT100
11.08.12 14:47

jeffkerkove Major ball up at #LT100. Lead riders off course. Back on course now, but dropped places.
11.08.12 14:25

jeffkerkove Team Topeak-Ergon pit at the Pipeline Aid Station of the #lt100
11.08.12 12:22

jeffkerkove Organizing bottles for each feed zone. #lt100
11.08.12 11:44

jeffkerkove German media is not liking the early #lt100 start. Ha!!
11.08.12 11:19

jeffkerkove Race bottles out of the fridge. #lt100
11.08.12 11:14

jeffkerkove 4 AM. Breakfast going down the hatch with racers and German media. #lt100
11.08.12 10:23

looneysonya Eating at 4 AM is no easy task. Angry Germans like Cookie Crisp :)
11.08.12 10:19

namrita_k Just made eggplant chips to eat with burgers. And, they were delicious! #pinterestrecipewin
11.08.12 01:33

jeffkerkove The king of Leadville is also the king of pastries. @wienr #LT100
10.08.12 22:36

looneysonya @jennfields Hopefully no puking :)
10.08.12 22:12

looneysonya @jordanhmay @PowerBar Berry with caffeine. Brahp!
10.08.12 22:12

looneysonya @jaydub_ The new one is up and good to go.
10.08.12 22:12

looneysonya Thanks to all my wonderful followers for your comments and well wishes. Can't wait to crush the #LT100 tomorrow! :)
10.08.12 20:36

looneysonya @cyclistproblemz Thanks :)
10.08.12 20:35

looneysonya New blog post: (working on a new website too)
10.08.12 20:34

looneysonya Lots of gel! @PowerBar #LT100 This is my main source of fuel for racing.
10.08.12 20:29

namrita_k @mollyjhurford You are in Easthampton? We were just there..I have a friend who will have some contacts for you. I'll put you in touch.
10.08.12 19:02

jeffkerkove Uncle Dave tuning bike with love.
10.08.12 18:56

jeffkerkove Leadville 100 race bottle just arrived from @FRS for @TeamTopeakErgon
10.08.12 18:16

jeffkerkove Dave of CyclingNews, Alban, and Robert at the pre-race meeting. @ Leadville 100 headquarters
10.08.12 17:37

looneysonya Going out for a short little ride.... last ride before the @LTRaceSeries #LT100! Feeling strong!
10.08.12 16:13

jeffkerkove I'm like a moth to light when it comes to high altitude passes. #AMtraining #Leadville #LT100
10.08.12 15:11

jeffkerkove @MusickBeti @breckepic Can't wait going to be a blast!! #supporting #heckling #beerfeed?
10.08.12 13:26

looneysonya yessss!!!!! “@jeffkerkove: When is there going to be a dubstep version of the Olympic theme? #takeitupanotch
10.08.12 03:02

jeffkerkove When is there going to be a dubstep version of the Olympic theme? #takeitupanotch
10.08.12 03:00

namrita_k Rocks. @pure_cycling # conti #raceking
10.08.12 01:36

jeffkerkove @YukiMTB opted for the big knife.
10.08.12 00:49

jeffkerkove Spot on! RT: @wienr .@jsellinger Ergon GS2 with Carbon Bar Ends. Bar ends? Do you ride on the hoods on your road bike? Nuff said. #lt100
09.08.12 23:30

looneysonya pre-race thoughts: @ltraceseries
09.08.12 23:16

looneysonya That's it! I'm sick of having no website.... look for a place holder tomorrow and a fancy new one in a couple weeks!
09.08.12 23:15

looneysonya @RyanAmirault I am injured and I am racing :) dont count me out!
09.08.12 21:37

looneysonya Classic
09.08.12 21:10

jeffkerkove Next up in the media session is Sally. #lt100
09.08.12 20:42

jeffkerkove Media time. #LT100
09.08.12 20:21

looneysonya Enjoying some @frs after a little spin on the #lt100 course! Ready to rock on Saturday!
09.08.12 20:02

looneysonya Cast padding... I had an awesome callous where the cast digs in, but it came off yesterday. Bad timing.
09.08.12 15:58

jeffkerkove @YukiMTB getting ready for pre-ride at the #lt100
09.08.12 15:37

namrita_k yes!! “@Bonnie_D_Ford: Also: First mention of "argy-bargy" by commentators, referring to physical contact in pack.”
09.08.12 13:10

jeffkerkove Team Topeak-Ergon does ice cream.
09.08.12 02:51

namrita_k @BigBikesMedia I think you are probably right! We averaged ~5mph on some of the Mass trails :/
09.08.12 02:00

jeffkerkove Didn't take @YukiMTB very long on what to order. #LT100 @ Zichittella's Italian
09.08.12 01:07

jeffkerkove Team coffee talk session. @ City on the Hill Coffee Shop
08.08.12 22:52

jeffkerkove Top of Columbine with Sally and Robert. @ Columbine Climb summit
08.08.12 19:08

namrita_k In the same building with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn today!
08.08.12 13:26

looneysonya @carsonchristen me too!!!!!
08.08.12 03:42

looneysonya Watching The Expendables. (before I see the sequel)... Laughing at the cheesiness, enjoying the action, and of course, Jason Statham. Yummy
08.08.12 03:26

namrita_k Our own private lake #doggieheaven #stowe
08.08.12 02:52

looneysonya Packing up and heading to Leadville tomorrow. Yes, I'm racing @LTRaceSeries 100 with a broken wrist, and I fully intend to crush the race!
08.08.12 02:00

looneysonya I like this story about McChesney, @SixZeroStrength I've grown the most from disappointment too. #lifelesson
08.08.12 01:59

jeffkerkove Been in Leadville for 2 hours now....ready to leave. Haha!! #LT100 #chaos #pricegouging
07.08.12 23:40

jeffkerkove Got to love it when rental property in Leadville over prices the place you stay in & lies about what is offered with the property. #LT100$$
07.08.12 23:35

looneysonya @performance_inc Yeah! I'm heading up tomorrow. Let me know. Things are pretty rutted out from all the rain!
07.08.12 22:59

looneysonya The think the hardest thing for my new housemate to get used to is my random outbursts of laughter even though I'm in a room by myself. :)
07.08.12 22:51

namrita_k @gixxerflier @eddieodea least he went to trader joes first! I still don't want to see the receipt :O
07.08.12 22:16

jeffkerkove Driving to Leadville to play in the thin air. @ Hwy 91
07.08.12 21:10

namrita_k Best part about being home is being able to cook our own food. @eddieodea has been at TJs and whole foods for a couple hours stocking up!
07.08.12 20:54

namrita_k Humid. #xterra #PA
07.08.12 20:38

namrita_k Sweet trail. #ssusa2012 #stowe #bridges
07.08.12 20:32

looneysonya My dentist has a new website... it's pretty rad! @Shantisos did a fantastic job! @BearPeakDental
07.08.12 16:59

looneysonya @GeocacheNews @gendercart @CBTonNBC Thank you! :)
07.08.12 16:39

looneysonya This song never gets old:
07.08.12 16:34

jeffkerkove Testing...1,2,3.... @ Café Vino
07.08.12 00:39

looneysonya Check out some pics from my Montezuma ride 2 weekends ago (via @elevationout blog)
06.08.12 19:28

looneysonya Go Reba!!!!
06.08.12 18:54

looneysonya @strava is a drama queen. 30 minutes in Z4 is hardly "extreme" for a suffer score. haha
06.08.12 14:43

looneysonya Great to see all the folks out on pre-riding the Leadville course on Saturday!! I can't believe the #LT100 is this weekend!
06.08.12 14:40

looneysonya @JayTootin always happy to provide beer suggestions :)
06.08.12 14:17

namrita_k @kfordham281 thanks!!
06.08.12 12:17

looneysonya Gymnastics is my favorite... The men's floor routine is super powerful, but I really hate the dainty little turn around hop.Tumbling is cool
06.08.12 04:28

looneysonya These 100m guys are freaking hilarious!!! Love the personalities! :). Now run, dudes!
06.08.12 04:14

looneysonya @SixZeroStrength haha! I still need to get a foot of vert! Better try out some box jumps to get ready :) :)
06.08.12 03:22

looneysonya “@yukimtb: Won the PV Cycle Derby Half Marathon today! Fast course and good competition! Next stop is Leadville 100!”
06.08.12 02:47

looneysonya @SixZeroStrength I might have to jump pretty high to chest bump, but I'll rise to the occasion! Don't let me knock you down!! Linemen, pshh!
06.08.12 02:39

looneysonya @jrmontag he climbed at grotto and bulldog boulders
06.08.12 02:30

looneysonya @jrmontag that was my bf! He was out there climbing!! I was out riding the LT100 course. You guys should go climbing!
06.08.12 01:50

looneysonya Truffle salt is just soooo freaking good!!
06.08.12 01:49

looneysonya One handed pool time! I felt like a kid raising her hand in class! Haha
06.08.12 01:15

jeffkerkove Jim Fu helping with the Sunday evening chill out session.
06.08.12 00:58

looneysonya @MjSmoot shared his @AveryBrewingCo sour brown with me. Sooooo gooood!!!!
06.08.12 00:14

namrita_k @jordanhmay thanks Jordan!
05.08.12 22:05

jeffkerkove What they don't tell you in the Colorado Tourist Guide; parking lot conditions on I-70 back to Denv @ I-70
05.08.12 19:39

jeffkerkove Driving Miss Daisy
05.08.12 19:20

namrita_k @lauraomeara no..skipping IB this year..will miss seeing you guys!
05.08.12 17:54

namrita_k @gixxerflier thank you :)
05.08.12 17:00

namrita_k @lauraomeara thx! Not this year. Going to UT
05.08.12 16:59

namrita_k Great/tough course at @XTERRAoffroad race in PA! 1st overall woman and 10th out of the guys. Boom! @PowerBar @TeamTopeakErgon
05.08.12 16:50

looneysonya Tent beer! Ok, phone off for the night :). Camping!!!
04.08.12 03:36

looneysonya Sunset outside Leadville
04.08.12 02:24

jeffkerkove Sunset and storm clouds @ Avon, Colorado
04.08.12 02:13

namrita_k sfattoclothing's photo @sfattoclothing #tri #hotness
04.08.12 02:01

namrita_k Olympics. Wine. Plastic cup. Just another night on the road.
04.08.12 01:31

looneysonya @hbstache thanks!!' I got a cookie :). Great seeing you too!!
04.08.12 00:09

jeffkerkove Recap of my experience on the Colorado Trail now on the blog:
03.08.12 22:34

namrita_k Joe's bike. He knows how to accessorize @topeak_intl @ergon_intl
03.08.12 21:55

namrita_k Heading to another @XTERRAoffroad race but kind of bummed about all the good mtn biking I'm missing out on along the way #statecollegePA
03.08.12 21:06

namrita_k Pretty. I kind of like PA.
03.08.12 20:27

looneysonya Thanks everyone, I know my website is down. haha I'm waiting for the server to get fixed. Sit tight!
03.08.12 19:41

jeffkerkove @cycliststeve Yes, running support for 5 @TeamTopeakErgon riders. I will have no saddles in Leadville for sale or demo.
03.08.12 19:36

looneysonya Got good news from the doc. Xray shows my wrist is healing. YES! 3 more weeks in this cast.
03.08.12 18:14

namrita_k The town of White Haven needs some help though. Coffee/beer/bike shop/lodge would be ideal. They have the ice cream shop covered...mmmm.
03.08.12 17:59

namrita_k Awesome trail ride with local guide here in White Haven, PA. Rocks, logs, zero track, single track fun. Definitely want to come back here.
03.08.12 17:57

jeffkerkove @LOIJENS I lasted 3 days, before pulling out with torn tire and no more flat repair supplies. Still a BIG fun ride!
03.08.12 17:00

jeffkerkove @OneViewDaily that might be next option. Just like the competitive nature of group start and pushing hard
03.08.12 16:39

jeffkerkove @LOIJENS just spent 3 days trying to ride 470 miles on 10 hrs of sleep.
03.08.12 16:38

looneysonya @SDVeloSocial I brought my whole bike! Brought the grip for cast#1 but angle was off. Cast #2 will be a better angle for riding!!
03.08.12 16:15

looneysonya Double rainbow outside Ouray the other day!
03.08.12 16:03

looneysonya 450 miles of riding in cast so far = new tan line.... We will see what the new X-ray says.
03.08.12 15:28

looneysonya Cast off! Going for a new X-ray now!
03.08.12 15:27

jeffkerkove The eating continues. @ Northside Coffee & Kitchen
03.08.12 15:23

looneysonya @OneViewDaily @jeffkerkove I was thinking of going out the day after my cast comes off!! Haha. Not likely though
03.08.12 15:15

looneysonya Going back to the Dr. this morning. Cutting the old cast off, new Xray, and then a new cast formed to my bike a little better for Leadville
03.08.12 14:42

looneysonya @TheMutt43 Every day is IPA day for me :)
03.08.12 03:10

looneysonya @fatheadsmtb @LeftHandBrewing Epic fail on my part. Almost every day is IPA day for me :)
03.08.12 03:10

looneysonya I love the @LeftHandBrewing Nitro Milk Stout that I even drink it in the heat of the summer!!
03.08.12 01:46

jeffkerkove Don't have to twist my arm to eat this.
03.08.12 00:09

looneysonya I drove 17 hours in the last 2 days... beautiful scenery, but SO glad to be home!! #CTRsupport
02.08.12 23:17

jeffkerkove Thanks to all for the #CTR support on and off the bike! Every bit helped! #CTR still hardest and most beautiful mtb race on the planet IMO.
02.08.12 21:07

namrita_k Rest day for me = big fun for the dogs..swimming, hiking, now exploring town
02.08.12 20:55

jeffkerkove @Summit_MTB Check out website called @YourGroupRide They list trails there. BlueSky, Pineridge, Foothills, Lory state park...all good
02.08.12 20:45

jeffkerkove My #CTR ended at 11 last night after burning thru my spare tubes, Stan's, and sidewall repair kit on Sargents Mesa.
02.08.12 17:06

looneysonya Heading to Saguache to pick up @jeffkerkove Still feel super sad.... I know how horrible it feels to drop out of this race.
02.08.12 12:22

looneysonya Drove to Ouray to pick up Jeff in Durango Friday. He suffered multiple flats & had to drop out. So sad for him. Picking him up in the AM.
02.08.12 04:51

looneysonya Waiting with Karen in Ouray to see what is up with Jeff off course #CTR
02.08.12 03:20

looneysonya @jordanhmay I did! I know the server is down. Talk to Chanson about that! ;)
01.08.12 11:58

looneysonya I wonder if life would be that much easier if I were actually a morning person! Heading to Leadville for a ride, then en route to Durango.
01.08.12 11:58

looneysonya @SteveGarfinkel Yeah...the server is down right now. I hope it gets fixed soon!
01.08.12 04:07

looneysonya @jjmmagoo Thank you!
01.08.12 04:07

looneysonya Fruit flies are soooo annoying!
01.08.12 02:13

jeffkerkove At least 2 hrs worth of CTR fuel, ha! @ K's
01.08.12 01:20

jeffkerkove #CTR racers discussing calories for the next 200 mile leg with no resupplies. 15,000 calories enough?
01.08.12 01:12

jeffkerkove #CTR fueling in Buena Vista. @ K's
01.08.12 01:09

looneysonya @DavisOnABike I'm about to Febreze it! ;)
31.07.12 22:13

looneysonya I've ridden 420 miles so far in this cast. It reeks! I'm getting another xray and a new cast put on in 6 days. Many more miles to come!
31.07.12 22:05

looneysonya Hell yeah! hit 49mph on the mountain bike today! (pavement of course)
31.07.12 20:57

looneysonya I made a video from my ride way above treeline Saturday:
31.07.12 13:57

jeffkerkove Searle Pass at 7:30 AM, day 2 of CTR. @ Searle Pass
31.07.12 13:47

looneysonya Sense of humor is #1!!
31.07.12 05:05

looneysonya Sometimes my heart is so full of happiness, I feel like it's going to explode out of my chest! #livingtothefullest
31.07.12 04:13

looneysonya Pommel horse. uhhh.... he...he...he...
31.07.12 03:12

looneysonya @StrongerCyclist I just had half of one :)
31.07.12 01:58

looneysonya I freaking love the Walsh-May good game pats! Chicks should definitely give a slap too! Ps. I am the worst volleyball player
31.07.12 01:58

jeffkerkove So far so good! @ Wheeler Trail
31.07.12 01:45

jeffkerkove Pushing up Wheeler Trail now. Did this in the dark in 2010. Feeling good! Storms all around @ Wheeler Trail
31.07.12 01:34

looneysonya My new favorite Tripel! I'm being generous and sharing with @MjSmoot @VictoryBeer Golden Monkey. Freaking amazing!!
31.07.12 01:10

looneysonya @jeffkerkove has just passed the spot where he had to quit last year. He will go up and over the 10 mile range tonight- 4-5 hr hike a bike
31.07.12 00:44

looneysonya @OneViewDaily Love the analogy! :) But... errr...adulthood isn't always fun :)
31.07.12 00:13

looneysonya @veganbaker @jeffkerkove Yes! CTR on the 29er!
31.07.12 00:12

looneysonya @cosunshinemka let's go ride!! You'll kick my ass! :)
30.07.12 23:28

looneysonya Glad I rode this morning! I don't know if it's me or my new 29er, but I beat my new PR from last week up Sunshine by 2 minutes!
30.07.12 21:47

looneysonya Follow their blue dots here!
30.07.12 13:40

looneysonya It'll be such an incredible journey for everyone. I am hoping to be picking up @jeffkerkove in Durango in a few days!
30.07.12 13:39

looneysonya Sending good luck vibes to all my amazing friends who started CTR at 6 AM this morning. I really wish I could be there with you!
30.07.12 13:39

jeffkerkove Quick small breakfast, then off to the start line of #CTR!!!
30.07.12 10:04

looneysonya @giantcu92 me too!!!
30.07.12 06:02

looneysonya I freaking love watching gymnastics!! ... It also takes talent to nonchalantly pull your leotard about of your butt on international TV!!
30.07.12 02:09

looneysonya However, swim caps are not flattering on anyone!!
30.07.12 01:44

looneysonya Oh my, my, my.... The bods on these male Olympic swimmers... Yummy!!! Very niiiice!!
30.07.12 01:42

looneysonya Still cursing...... Grrrrrr!!!!!!!
30.07.12 01:29

looneysonya FAILing is when you to order a drink after finishing moving, but you left your ID in your bike pack from your ride the day before. %#!*!!!!
30.07.12 01:25

jeffkerkove Some asked me today what it takes to be successful in #CTR, I replied with, "You need to be a turtle with a sleeping disorder and luck."
29.07.12 22:03

looneysonya @jjmmagoo They don't have a marathon or ultra marathon distance in the Olympics for mountain biking, just XC, and I'm too slow at the short!
29.07.12 18:59

looneysonya The end phase moving is the hardest. I keep saying to myself, "Don't think, just toss it". Good to get rid of crap I've been saving forever
29.07.12 18:35

looneysonya @heythorp awesome!
29.07.12 15:37

namrita_k Aftermath of the rigid fork. I think I'll go for a run today instead of riding.
29.07.12 15:03

jeffkerkove Last blog post prior to starting #CTR tomorrow AM: #equipmentlist #trackinglinks
29.07.12 14:43

looneysonya I do like pictures of my feet at the beach, but this wasn't bad. :) I needed the good angle!
29.07.12 14:35

looneysonya Can you cook a steak on it?
29.07.12 13:30

looneysonya Dude, it's cool you won gold BUT your grill looks like braces... And wtf is up with having a "grill?" why?! #douchey
29.07.12 13:29

looneysonya @jordanhmay :) Come ride with me! and there were tons of motos/ATVs/Jeeps up there. I was the only bike. Good for photog purposes
29.07.12 05:26

looneysonya @arae_miller Next time you better come with me! Above Montezuma. I have other loops I want to do. Say the word! Be ready to hike! ;)
29.07.12 05:21

looneysonya @CrazyUncleLarry That would be considered planned support. I AM planning to have some stuff for CTR racers. You just have to wait ;)
29.07.12 05:21

looneysonya @rickggaribay Above Montezuma, CO... aka the middle of nowhere :)
29.07.12 04:43

looneysonya Ok, one more! Weathered sign above 12,000'!
29.07.12 04:34

looneysonya Hot badasses in action flicks = WIN!
29.07.12 04:14

looneysonya I did come up and over those to get to Webster Pass!
29.07.12 03:54

looneysonya Teaser shot from my ride today! Hopefully I'll have time to sort photos and video tomorrow! :)
29.07.12 03:53

looneysonya Elevation profile from today! You know, 10k-13k' and all in between!
29.07.12 03:43

jeffkerkove @looneysonya Need. Pics. Now.
29.07.12 02:57

looneysonya Amazingly beautiful ride above tree line today above Montezuma!!! I really loved it. I can't wait to share pics and video!
29.07.12 02:50

looneysonya Thanks!! @jordanhmay Best article I've read to date in #Switchback Mag. Great job @looneysonya !”
28.07.12 23:04

namrita_k “@Topeak_Intl: Trail side photo editing.” lots of photo ops on these trails! #Stowe #VT
28.07.12 21:56

namrita_k @drunkcyclist thanks for the mid ride pick-me-up!
28.07.12 20:53

namrita_k Only crashed 2x. Both while standing still..gravity wins. Don't ask how many wrong turns a few #bonusmiles
28.07.12 20:47

namrita_k #SSUSA2012 was so. much. Fun. Love the riding here in VT but going back to a suspension fork tomorrow :)
28.07.12 20:43

jeffkerkove Buff backyard trails. @ Lory State Park
28.07.12 18:39

jeffkerkove @eleteaddin Using it all next week during the CO Trail Race: Taking 3 dropper bottles, adding to filtered water.
28.07.12 15:25

jeffkerkove Olympic road race, better than the traditional morning news.
28.07.12 14:40

looneysonya 5:15 AM is way too early to get up on a Saturday when you're not racing.... but high alpine adventures are calling my name! #dedication
28.07.12 11:25

looneysonya Montezuma is waiting for me tomorrow! I better get to bed, I gotta get up early for some epicness tomorrow! Cannot wait!!!
28.07.12 04:51

looneysonya Thinking about @gouldgeorgia walking into that stadium. Soooo proud of her! Goosebumps!! #olympicceremony
28.07.12 02:19

looneysonya Please remove your tux, David Beckham!! #olympicceremony
28.07.12 02:16

looneysonya I love Mr. Bean!!!
28.07.12 01:49

looneysonya After moving all afternoon, a Marg and watching the #Olympic2012 #olympicceremony is just the ticket!
28.07.12 01:26

namrita_k Thanks! RT @PowerBar #FF @jgules @maggieru @bethshutt @namrita_k @morgan806 #PowerBarTeamElite
28.07.12 00:14

namrita_k Stowe trails with @eddieodea #ssusa2012
28.07.12 00:11

jeffkerkove In case of mental breakdown during #CTR, insert buds into ears and hit play.
27.07.12 21:28

jeffkerkove @HimalayaQuest Neil, pretty sure you are f******g bonkers :)
27.07.12 21:16

jeffkerkove Great photos and recap from a few riders who rode the Colorado Trail this year:
27.07.12 21:12

namrita_k Little detour in waterbury for bike work and good times..finally almost to Stowe #SSUSA2012
27.07.12 20:12

namrita_k Uh oh George @bike29 , @eddieodea just stole your KOM. 12 sec from the pub to the bike shop.
27.07.12 20:10

namrita_k Lucky race numbers @singlespeedusa
27.07.12 19:18

looneysonya True dat! Keep Standing!
27.07.12 18:36

looneysonya @performance_inc awesome! Yep, still racing. Uhhh breathe through a straw? Don't blow up, start slower. Blow up at altitude and game over
27.07.12 16:45

jeffkerkove 40 count = winning!
27.07.12 16:19

jeffkerkove Lithium AAA battery shortage in Ft Collins. #CTRshopping
27.07.12 16:06

jeffkerkove Juggling #LT100 logistics for 5 @TeamTopeakErgon riders, going to be a great week for sure!
27.07.12 15:02

namrita_k More rain. It didn't even rain this much during our 4wk trip to Oregon..
27.07.12 13:54

looneysonya @jason_coble @uintabrewing you can but it here!
27.07.12 13:40

looneysonya @hoovis haha. Yeah sense of humor :). Too bad I had leg warmers on!
27.07.12 13:39

looneysonya @jereshort77 I run Continental X-King 2.2s, 30is psi for the road. The bumpier it gets, the more air I let out. Haven't ridden trail yet
27.07.12 13:38

looneysonya I make fun of Shakespeare but I love to dare for mighty! "Nothing will come of nothing. Dare for mighty things." - William Shakespeare
27.07.12 13:35

jeffkerkove Late night shadow.
27.07.12 04:45

jeffkerkove DAMN!!! @Pure_Cycling Canyon Presents 2013 CF SLX Carbon Hardtail 29ers
27.07.12 00:55

looneysonya @amam1111 From Idaho Springs, it's 54 miles round trip. You can park at Echo Lake and do 14 miles up and back. You get the goodies.
26.07.12 23:15

looneysonya Last one! #mtevans
26.07.12 23:09

looneysonya You know I'm a @SockGuyLUV girl, and the pink lightning bolts are my signature. They were out in full force today!
26.07.12 23:07

looneysonya @jjmmagoo Thanks! We'll see... I go back to the doc in a little over a week to make sure I'm not making it worse. #stayingpositive
26.07.12 22:47

looneysonya @CornerCnynRider @lt100 Thanks for asking! Honestly, it's a bit sore because I've been moving to a new house, and have been carrying stuff!
26.07.12 22:46

jeffkerkove @danielmatheny no demo shops yet. Soon though. DM me your email
26.07.12 22:35

looneysonya 27mi and 6700' up (7500' to 14,130') one way, 54 miles round trip! Good stuff!
26.07.12 22:23

looneysonya Got up really early and rode from Idaho Springs to the Mount Evans Summit and back!
26.07.12 22:23

jeffkerkove The final piece of the #ctr puzzle @ Pro Bike Center
26.07.12 22:20

namrita_k Pretty much! #brokeass #lovewine
26.07.12 22:06

jeffkerkove @cyclistlmt Always XKing Protection on standard DT Swiss rims with @NoTubes tubeless kit
26.07.12 19:25

namrita_k Bikes are meant to get dirty
26.07.12 19:15

namrita_k Sweet mountain biking. Thank you New York.
26.07.12 18:54

jeffkerkove @JeffCospolich FACT: Top finishers of CTR past few yrs on 29er HTs. Guess we'll see how it goes :)
26.07.12 18:16

jeffkerkove Dang! #CTR up to 70 riders tracked!
26.07.12 17:48

jeffkerkove Details about #CTR and my #CTR bike now on the blog:
26.07.12 15:30

looneysonya @jason_coble @UintaBrewing Utah actually puts out some good ones. Epic Brewing is good too!
26.07.12 13:16

namrita_k GRR. Triple americano + ride rained out. Michaux will have to wait until after #SSUSA2012 . onwards north and east.
26.07.12 11:56

looneysonya @CornerCnynRider @evilbanks I don't need to grow a pair to kick your ass! :)
26.07.12 03:09

looneysonya Bravo @uintabrewing !!! Imperial Black IPA brewed with hemp seed. Perfect!
26.07.12 03:04

jeffkerkove No caption needed. @ John Holly's Asian Bistro
26.07.12 02:23

jeffkerkove Dang! It was 60f when I left Ft Collins. Now in Denver, 50 miles south, it's 90f. #coloradoweather
26.07.12 00:56

namrita_k Going nowhere. I thought our traffic was bad!
25.07.12 23:32

jeffkerkove @JohnBonBenson Yep, Ergon BX3 pack:
25.07.12 22:38

namrita_k @ChrisJ_83 was heading to MD but changed our minds..destination: michaux in PA
25.07.12 22:23

namrita_k About to find out what DC rush hour traffic is like. Can't wait :/
25.07.12 21:42

jeffkerkove @JeffCospolich Nope. Previous yrs on FS 26ers. This yr HT 29er and less "stuff"
25.07.12 20:43

looneysonya More appropriate now than ever!!! #dontcare
25.07.12 16:24

WolframKurschat hard intervals 2day -now getting back the feeling 4critical speed -very important 4next weekend -that the engine will explode @the finish
08.06.10 12:17

WolframKurschat 5h roadride through the vineyards around Neustadt - blue sky and 35°C - a little bit to hot, but perfect for a good racing-tan : )
06.06.10 14:09

WolframKurschat well done boys - congrats for the perfect TransGermany ! Looking forward to the next mission in Albstadt : )
05.06.10 14:23

WolframKurschat After 10 days with snow, I am pleased the thaw. Soon the trails will be rideable again.
22.12.09 10:34

WolframKurschat @looneysonya Hey Sonya, nice homepage. The weather looks cold in Boulder.
16.11.09 19:24