The Engine Overheats

The Engine Overheats

It’s more of a fight against the heat, than against the competition. After 6 days Alban Lakata and Kristian Hynek nevertheless are in good position at the 14th edition of The Cape Epic in South Africa. Now it's time to mobilize all reserves for the last two stages …

Day after day hellish temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius prevail. Shadow? Not at Cape Epic! To this says Austrian Alban Lakata, “these are not my conditions. I feel like my engine is overheating.”

Due to these brutal conditions, race organizers decided to shorten the stage on Tuesday from 102 kilometers to 60. There were too many riders that needed medical help on the previous day. Kristian Hynek and Alban Lakata didn’t find themselves in this group, but they did push the pace.

In addition to these extreme conditions, technical problems also arose during the 4th stage. Alban found himself with a flat tire and had to be helped by the reserve team with a rear wheel. But still two stages are to be completed and Alban finally knows the Cape Epic: "The Epic is like a wild horse, always much can happen at any time. Nothing is decided yet."

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