Kristian Hynek once again victorious at Elba

Kristian Hynek once again victorious at Elba

Experience, class and the right strategy: Krystian Hynek was able to repeat his previous year's victory at the Capoliveri Legend Cup on Elba. The Topeak-Ergon rider set an exclamation point on the way to the World Championship in Singen.

“During the first two hours I really didn’t think I could pull out the victory,” said Kristian Hynek. The fact that he was at the top of the podium in the end had a lot to do with his experience. The ability to stay cool, calm, and collected really paid dividends in the later stages of the race.

When it came to race tactics, Kristian leaned heavily on his experience in this race from last year. So he stayed calm in the beginning when the Italians attacked in the downhills. “I just tried to stay as close as possible to save energy. It was the same 76 kilometers as 2016; I knew the last 20 would be tough,” outlined the EM-Bronze medalist, “Then in the end I put all my energy into it and attacked.”

The plan went well, the Topeak-Ergon rider from the Czech Republic was able to squeeze by the Italians. Hynek had a 20 second lead, built to 35 seconds and then held onto the lead until the finish line. In the end it was 52 in front of the Italian Tony Longo, who arrived with Juri Razzoli and Francesco Casagrande to make up the next two places for the Azzurri.

No small victory, the defeated field included world champion Peter Pruus and other world class riders. Hynek was able to climb the ferry to the Italian mainland a satisfied man. “I am happy with the win. It shows me that the form is good and gives me confidence for the upcoming World Championships in Singen”, said Hynek.

Alban Lakata was happy for his team-mate. “Great for the team and for Kristian,” said the world-champion runner up. He was not entirely satisfied with his own performance. A 15th place finish was not much to celebrate. However, he did not want to attribute much importance to the result, shifting his focus more towards the preparations for the World Championships.